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Your Wand of Light

Master Your Wand of Light “Lingam” is an empowering Tantra term for a man’s sex organ! It comes from Sanskrit ...

Orgasms, Cougars, and Wizards: 8 Myths of Sex and Aging

A few myths: 1) Old folks don’t have sex: One of the most loving things older folks can tell young ...
women orgasm yoni massage

How my Yoni Massage brought unexpected healing and orgasm

How my Yoni Massage brought unexpected healing and orgasm From Mare Simone: Enjoy this powerfully vulnerable, personal review about Tantric ...

The Ocean Breath

The Ocean Breath I teach The Ocean Breath in my workshops, and to my one-on-one clients. It is an amazing ...
porn pros cons watch

Pornography: Pros, Cons, & How to Watch It

Pornography: Pros, Cons, and How to Watch It As a sex and Intimacy coach I decided since porn is a ...

The Sacred Sexual Priestess

I love this ancient poem describing the sacred marriage ritual which was performed often yearly for more than two millennia ...

Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety runs rampant in our sexual beings. It is an issue which evolves from our concept that we need ...

What About Your Sexual Intelligence Quotient?

We all know about IQ, emotional intelligence, kinesthetic intelligence, and so forth. But what do we know about sexual intelligence? ...

100 Days of Tantra

By a Student I suspect that I entered the world of tantra like a lot of other people…by accident. I ...

Sex Magic for Gay Men

Harnessing the Creative Potential of Pure Erotic Joy The potency and potential of what two sexually-charged male lovers hold in ...

Banish Shame and Experience More Pleasure

Before I became a sex and intimacy coach, I didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about shame. I understood ...

How Love & Desire Differ

How Love and Desire Differ Ask yourself, “How does it feel to be loved by someone?” And then ask, “How ...

Knowing Your Sexual Style Can Improve Your Sex Life

One of the many reasons that couples struggle in the bedroom is because they may have a different sexual style ...
tantra massage

What Is A Yoni Egg?

The origin of the Yoni Egg: The Yoni Egg is made of a smooth, non-porous, semi-precious gemstone and carved into ...
Anna Marti, Portland tantra teacher

What is Tantra? An Interview with Anna Marti

What is Tantra? An Interview with Anna Marti Anna Marti is a "sex and spirit" counselor and intimacy coach in ...

Is It Better to Give or to Receive in Sex?

Is It Better to Give or to Receive in Sex? Do you have a difficult time of just relaxing and ...

Asking for What You Want

Asking for What You Want Ask for what you want - everybody already knows that, right? How many times have ...
tantra lingam

Increase Intimacy for more Powerful Orgasms

Here's an article posted recently, interviewing Mare Simone - titled 'A tantric sex surrogate explains how to increase intimacy for ...

What is Erotic?

When we hear the word erotic we often think, “Oh my God, hot and endless passion and hard-action genital aerobics ...

Tantra For The Single Life

Single? You may be wondering how Tantra applies to you. How can you practice Tantra without a partner? How could ...

Home Play: Mastering Your Sexual Energy 101

Mastering one's sexual energy takes some practice. Whatever you train your body to do alone will make it that much ...
benefits of tantra

Benefits of Tantra

The Benefits of Tantra Carla Tara shares with us some of the benefits of Tantra. Tantra is shortest way, the ...

Sacred Touch – The Magical Art of Laying on Hands

Touch in our modern culture is a very touchy subject. There are right ways and there are wrong ways. There ...
happy relationship

Cultivating Happy Relationships . . . and finding dishsoap

Cultivating Happy Relationships . . .and finding dishsoap I was interviewed by a very sweet man and woman who are ...
women orgasm

Why Women Fake Orgasms (and what to do instead)

Why Women Fake Orgasms (and what to do instead) Ladies, if you are faking orgasms, please rest assured that you ...

Permitting More Pleasure in Your Life

As a sex and intimacy coach, my most important job is to give people permission to have more fun. I’m ...
erotic signature touch

What Is Your Erotic Signature?

What Is Your Erotic Signature? Signatures are like snowflakes; no two are alike. My signature is uniquely my own and ...

Re-claiming Your Heart’s Safe Place

A client said to me today, "I want to continue on this path of creating more erotic pleasure. What would ...

Silent Suffering and Superhero Syndrome

Silent Suffering - and - Superhero Syndrome When I worked as a professional companion it was not uncommon to hear ...
tantra massage stockholm

5 Tips For Giving Great Sensual Touch

Giving great sensual touch with your hands is the most important sexual skill you can have. If your sex life ...
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Giving an Ecstatic Yoni Healing Massage Session

This is a comprehensive compilation of much research and study on women’s sexual response. It incorporates information from Charles and ...
sex is not performance

Re-thinking Sex: Celebration, not Performance!

Re-thinking Sex: Celebration, not Performance! What if sex were not a performance, but a celebration? Would that change how we ...
read lovers mind

Learn To Read Your Lover’s Mind

Learn To Read Your Lover's Mind People say you can’t read someone else’s mind. Each one of us has a ...
arousal premature ejaculation

Experiment: Excitement, Arousal, Breath and Transformation

Experiment: Excitement, Arousal, Breath and Transformation I have to admit--I love it when someone tells me, right before an erotic ...
ecstatic pleasure

5 Steps to Unlock Ecstatic Pleasure

5 Easy Steps to Begin Unlocking Sexually Ecstatic Pleasure 1. CREATE A SAFE SPACE. Most of us underestimate the importance ...

Women, Sex, and Evolution

Women, Sex, and Evolution It’s said that the feminine is rising. While having developed their ‘masculine’ capacities over the past ...
sexual transmutation

Tantric Peace in the Face of Violence

Tantric Peace in the Face of Violence The reports of senseless violence are dominating the airwaves recently. Just when we ...

Sexual Transmutation (Wand of Light, pt 2)

Sexual Transmutation (Master Your Wand of Light, Part 2) (Part 1: Mastering Your Wand of Light) We left off from ...

Millennials and Intimacy: What’s Not Adding Up?

For the past few years, publications like Mic, The Atlantic, and even TIME have pointed out that millennials have been ...

How I Spent My Summer Vacation: Embracing Celibacy

The history books may remember the Summer of 2016 as a fight for our Democratic values as we faced, an ...
tantra london

The First Step to Sexual Enlightenment: Conscious Breathing

Breath is the essence of life. From our first moments fresh from the womb until the last sigh of death ...

The Kissing Game

At one time in my life, I had the most wonderful kisser for a boyfriend, so I was surprised when ...

Advice for Men to Last Longer and Enjoy More Erotic Energy and Heart Connection

Being able to last as long as I like and choose when I have an orgasm is something that I ...
sacred intimate

Why work with a Sacred Intimate?

Why work with a Sacred Intimate? We all encounter at one point blocks that holds us back from living our ...

What is Tantra? What’s it like to work with people about their sexuality? What are some tips for more intimacy and connection with my partner? What can I do to help myself with challenge like erectile problems or lack of confidence? All this and much more in these articles on Tantra, sacred sexuality, intimacy and love.