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Sacred Intimacy, Tantra and Body Contact Massage

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: Exploring Tantra : Sensual Massage : Sex Coaching :

I welcome men to my studio in Seattle

and also offer sessions by phone and skype.

As a Sacred Intimate, I draw upon my life's work as a dancer, yogi, teacher and artist to help men embrace and connect to pleasure as an expression of spiritual/emotional health.

On the physical end of my practice, I use Thai massage (as well as many other massage and somatic techniques) to stretch, relax and ground my clients in present moment awareness.

seattle male tantra sensual massage

With Tantric techniques, I coach my clients in how to harness their sexual/life force energy.  Using guided visualization, touch and breath work, I can help my clients expand their knowledge of their own sexual energy and become multi-orgasmic. 

On the spiritual side of my work,  I believe that creativity is a key element in the healing process.  When I work with a client regularly over an extended period of time, I begin to dream of their healing.  I use my beautiful studio space as a laboratory within which to co-create the experiments and experiences that will allow my clients to grow and evolve.  I help clients engage issues of inexperience, addiction and past abuse.

Clients may explore touch in new and creative ways.  Others may revisit past or present relationships where communication and trauma have created blockages.  Others may engage in timed experiments that allow them to explore areas of challenge, interest or desire with the chance to practice creating clear boundaries and receive helpful feedback.

"Lots to say about the experience.... lots. Exciting, interesting, thought provoking. Ultimately, quite wonderful, albeit complex. Thank you.  Allow me to say how much I respect and admire you. And you do have an amazing talent. You are quite rare in your ability to integrate the spiritual, the intellectual and the physical." -- a current client.

I hold a masters degree in body/mind education. I have a daily practice of meditation and yoga. I teach a weekly movement class for men focused on touch and intimacy. I hold my Self and my work with integrity and presence so you can experience the complete trust and acceptance necessary for your growth and evolution in your work with me.