Does Penis Size Matter?

by Raven


Does Penis Size Matter?

In all my years of teaching workshops to men, serving as a Tantric Educator, and being an advocate for men to get their desires met, truly, the question I get asked most often is: “Does penis size matter?”. This is a question usually asked indirectly starting as statements such as: 

  • I am smaller down there so I need to compensate somehow, 
  • I don’t usually get blow jobs, 
  • That’s a position I don’t have the reach for, 
  • I haven’t been naked in front of a woman for years, 
  • I don’t know how to approach a woman for sex. 


After digging a little deeper, the topic always comes down to penis size. 

So let’s answer the questions, “Does penis size matter?” and, “Are women sexually satisfied by a particular size?” shall we?

To answer these questions I used my clinical psychology background to dig up the research and asked the juiciest most desirable Goddess Tantric Dakinis on the planet what penis size means to them.  Ready for the absolute truth on if penis size matters?

According to The Journal of Sexual Medicine (Shaeer, 2020), the average penis size is 5.1-5.5 inches when erect. In a study where 303 women of various ages filled out a questionnaire on sexual satisfaction, a whopping 90% of women indicated they had sexual satisfaction with their partner’s penis size, while simultaneously reporting good emotional contact with their partner.  These results indicate that although the women’s partners had a range of various sizes of penises, women remained satisfied, especially when good emotional contact was present.

Furthermore, I have one client who came to me one day wanting more confidence in meeting women. The more we worked with each other using ancient Tantra spiritual practices it was revealed he felt he had to compensate for his lack of size. I shared my experience with being able to reach multiple orgasms with a man’s energy alone, especially with positions such as Yab-Yum, and my preference for smaller penis sizes, and he was blown away. I shared the 5 different types of orgasm women can have including a vaginal opening orgasm which a smaller penis can deliver with ease. “Why isn’t this ever talked about?” he asked. Good question. 

So what about women who like a big cock? While it’s true that some women prefer a bigger than average penis, it’s simply not true for all women. Personally, it is about 5 inches to my g-spot to achieve unbelievably everlasting orgasms. When a man is bigger than 6 inches erect during sex it’s harder for me to let go and receive all of him. I’m a 6-inch or smaller girl. Give me a small vaginal opening orgasm penis and I’ll ride it relentlessly with enthusiasm! 

Finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. What are real women saying about penis size? I’ve asked 10 of the juiciest sexiest Tantric Dakinis: “Does penis size matter?” and here are their responses unedited:

“I don’t like a large penis. It hurts my yoni. I like an average size.  It’s not so much the penis size as it’s what he does with it!” ~ Lynetta, Dakini

“Yes and no. My mouth prefers a larger cock. It waters at the sight. Literally. My yoni prefers a smaller cock but a large cock is fine if the owner is conscious and controls it.” ~Leah, Dakini

“Yes. It does”. ~ Maria, Dakini

“Not entirely. That being said, I don’t think I’ve had too small of a cock that I recall. I found some too big though!” Anonymous, Dakini

“No. Penis size does not matter” ~Anonymous, Dakini

“Kind of and sometimes but not always. If it is completely too small to feel, I mean that would have to be pretty small. There is such a thing as too big. I like it long and thick but the skill of the man has everything to do with it so I require skill more than size so I like penis in the middle size.” ~Michelle, Dakini

“Yes, It totally does. I love how it feels to be maxed out by a girthy man. That fullness makes me feel safe and held down by the full masculine, who can really hold and handle all my wild feminine.  I’m intense and need a counter to my intensity or I don’t feel fully held or satiated or safe. I like a THICK fucking man ANCHOR! For me, perfect is 7 inches thick when full. Same with hardness. I like it SOLID! Pulsing, throbbing, rock hard! Anything less and I feel like it’s waning in the face of my feminine intensity. I can have compassion and be loving and game with  and all cocks but the ones that light me up and that I call in for my personal best lovers is as described” ~Dalia, Dakini

There you have it, folks! The real scoop from real women.

The most common statistic I hear from women regarding this topic is that even more important or equally important is communication or what I call well-hung words, emotional connection, and mastery of sexual energy. All things you can learn from the Tantric arts. I hope this article illuminates a path of loving your penis no matter the size and thanking your heart for being open to receiving love, pleasure, and orgasm beyond your wildest dreams.

Please reach out to work with me in achieving deep penis satisfaction through self love. I got you. I delight in you getting all you desire.



Does Penis Size Matter | Raven | Sacred Eros Article
Does Penis Size Matter | Raven | Sacred Eros Article



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