Miguel had been struggling with jealousy issues and distrust as a result of some previous relationships. Our practitioners showed us how to connect on a deeper level and feel each other’s energy and emotion. We learned “eye gazing” and the “yab yum”.  We opened our hearts to each other.  Miguel was able to trust again. We are stronger than we’ve ever been.

Miguel & ChristianRelationship Coaching

I was rather apprehensive at first but my practitioner soon put me at ease with her calm and caring nature. We had an enlightening and fascinating discussion at the start of the session about the nature of a tantric massage and this certainly put my mind at ease. I felt I was in good hands. The massage itself was a mind-blowing sensual experience like never before, it heightened my awareness of pleasure and my body that I didn’t know was possible. I am already looking forward to my next visit!

AnnaTantric Bodywork

I went to my practitioner with a bent and twisted body past its “Sell by Date” following an accident and a long term illness. I was all closed down, but undaunted, she gently and slowly ‘mapped’ out my complete body, her wonderful hands teasing life back into everywhere she touched. She took me to a place of pure sensual bliss, a place I never wanted to leave, my whole body excited beyond belief, waiting for her magical touch. All too soon it was time to return to the real world, but now my body was a little more alive and stronger, it had sampled deep sensual pleasure and was eager to sample more. Days later if I close my eyes and totally relax I can momentarily feel her presence.

RichardSex Coaching

It is close to 12 months since I first met my practitioner. I came to her in search of Tantric Massage, one year later I have found, and continue to discover much more. I know that other people who have visited her have described the beauty and intuitive sense of her touch, they have commented upon her caring nature and how safe they have felt in her presence. These attributes you may feel are a ‘given’ with such a practitioner and you would be right. However, she gives more than the wonderful touch and energy of her Tantric Massage, though in itself that is an experience not to be forgotten. She has helped me break down the barriers and boundaries that have contained my self expression, my desires, my ability to communicate intimately with others, and mostly my fear of denial and rejection. These are gifts she has given to me, and she continues to work with me in her unique way along a journey of tenderness, caring, giving and receiving, of learning, of fun, laughter, of challenge and above all of true enlightenment. I am blessed to be a beneficiary of her truly life enhancing works.

DianaTantric Bodywork

Just had my first session with my practitioner and he made me feel so comfortable and safe. I’m new to tantra and he talked to me and set boundaries that allowed me to relax. His hands..Wow..he moved energy though my body I could felt my pent up emotions letting go.  I completely released.  Can’t wait for my next session.

JaneYoni Massage

We met in high school and ended up marrying early. Rebecca had shame issues from growing up that began affecting our lovemaking. We experienced a couples session where our practitioners helped Becca open her blockages and let go of the shame. Now, we are having the best sex of our lives.

Ari & RebeccaCouples Session