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May 3, 2018

Find out more ~ and Register! Irene and David

We would like to extend our invitation to our Principles of Tantra Workshop. In this workshop we combined all the core principles of Tantra to share with you so that you can gain a deeper understanding and have an opportunity to practice them in a fun, playful and open environment!

The discovery of the Tantra path and getting deeper into it transformed both of us in a profound way, bringing more intimacy, consciousness, and energy into our lives. Now we would like to share this transformative experience with the world.

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Here’s what you can expect in this workshop:

  • Together we will learn about the myth behind Tantra and what it really is. (Hint: it’s not all about sex)
  • We will discuss various ways in which Tantra helps us become more aware, more present, more conscious and more connected with ourselves as well as with people around us.
  • We will conduct a cool scientific experiment with human energy and demonstrate how our own body’s energy engages with the energy of others. Principle of Energy
  • Taking a closer look at the power of “Quiet Mind”, we will learn more about how breathing and meditation affect our ability to be present when experiencing an intimate connection with your partner, but also – just as important – in many other situations throughout your daily lives. Principles of Breath/Sound & Meditation.
  • We will do some yoga asanas (poses) and introduce you to natural energetic root locks (bandhas) both of which are hugely important in your sexual experiences with your partner and in feeling energy deeper in your body when practicing solo. Principles of Asanas & Bandhas.
  • We will learn, demonstrate and practice 5 modalities of touch. Principle of Touch
  • Each participant will have an opportuity to participate as a giver and receiver. We will play a game of consent in which we take turns asking for what we want from the space of love. Principle of Communication.
  • Finally, we will conduct a Puja, in which all of you will get a chance to connect with each other (fully clothed!). In Tantra, Puja means worshiping of the divine. You will be able to get in touch with your divine essence and connect authentically with oher participants using the principles we learn in this workshop.


Find out more ~ and Register! Irene and David


May 3, 2018
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New York, NY