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How to Attract a More Conscious Partner

February 24, 2017

Find out more ~ and Register! Sacred Tantra in Palm Beach

For Many Consciously Evolving People, 2017 is the Year of the Soul Mate. Are you ready to find yours? I’ve been using these simple techniques since 2012 and manifested the Love of My Life in early 2013. I’d like to show you how you can too! This class is ideal for those who desire to raise the vibrational level of the people who are drawn to them as well as to increase the number of quality people approaching them on a regular basis.

We will utilize breath, movement, and guided imagery to raise our Kundalini Energy (sexual/spiritual energy that runs up our spines), balance and harmonize our Chakras, shift our subconscious beliefs, and energetically attune ourselves to a greater ability to give and receive Love. People are naturally drawn to those they perceive as sensual, open and loving…learn to fine tune these aspects of yourself and see how much fun it is to easily draw in the Love of your life.

Although primarily geared towards singles, couples are also welcomed and will learn a great deal about raising the vibration of the relationship as well as their own.

While there’s no sexuality or nudity in the class, you will learn solid techniques you can practice at home to increase your ability to create intimacy in relationships, as well as expand your potential for higher level orgasms (alone or with a partner). These techniques also lead to an expansion of consciousness that can bring you profound peace, enhance your meditation practice and spiritual growth.

Bring a water bottle, a yoga mat or blanket and a pillow for imagery exercise and dress attractively yet comfortably for movement.

Find out more ~ and Register! Sacred Tantra in Palm Beach


February 24, 2017
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Palm Beach, FL