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Breakthrough to Bliss (for Women)

August 25, 2016

Melt the blocks that keep you from bliss!

The dictionary says that Intimacy means closeness,  affection worth, and in sexual relationships: lovemaking. What you will learn in this workshop is that love-making without closeness and affection is not lovemaking, it’s only sex.  And you know as a woman that even what most men call great sex is not always intimate and often unfulfilling.

Most heterosexual men need always to think of or visualize a woman in order to get turned on, but a woman can learn to turn herself on without even thinking of a man. She has the power to tell her man what she needs in order to get turned on and gradually increasing it.  Many men think they have to make her come, but it’s you who get to open up to orgasm. A forced or fake orgasm leave you unfulfilled.

Some modern women have learn to express their Yang (masculine)  and have lost contact with her yin (feminine) essence.

Some women have a hard time to silence their mind chatter, often thinking of the to-do list that still not finished, or judging parts of their body as imperfect, or  telling themselves that it takes too long to come and often faking an orgasm to get the whole think over.   I’m sad to know how many women do that, thus forfeiting their natural important need for fulfillment and ecstasy.

In this workshop you will learn:

  1. How to  balance your masculine with your feminine energy  so that you can be successful in your career and can move to the feminine when making love.
  2. How to silence your critical mind, to tune into your body as the body of a Goddess, a confident woman that is comfortable with her sexuality.  She does not bother to compare her sexuality with that of women described in magazines, or even worse to women seen in porn. She knows she is unique.
  3. How to use the art of communicating what you need in a way that your man will feel encouraged and even happy to give it  to give it to you.
  4. Very simple practices that will make you tingle from your crown to your toes.
  5. What to do every night before falling asleep.

We will be creating a feeling of safety and friendship that will be of great support to follow through at home with what you will be learning.

Find out more ~ and Register! Carla Tara


August 25, 2016
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New York, NY