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Cultivating Emotional Intimacy in the Space of Awakening

July 30, 2017


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“Spiritual Bypassing” is becoming a buzz word for the attempt to raise ourselves into the light by transcending, rather than healing, our shadows.

What if we could embrace and accept all of our emotions and allow ourselves to feel them fully and move through them? What if shining a light on our darkness is the necessary step towards cultivating true peace and serenity?

Emotions are energy in motion. They serve as important signals for our well-being and self-protection. When we were young we learned that it wasn’t safe, or wasn’t socially acceptable, to feel and express our emotions, and so they became trapped in our body. Later on, this entrapment can cause physical pain, difficulty with relationships, disease, apathy, addictions, etc.  If you can’t feel sadness, you can’t access real joy.  If you can’t feel fear you can’t find genuine trust, etc.

The more I do private healing work in support of sexual/spiritual awakening, the more I’m aware that people experience huge shifts in their wholeness and inner peace when we focus on accessing the memories and emotions of the past and then healing, rather than transcending them.

This playshop begins with understanding why we get “triggered” in relationships and how to allow ourselves to take a step back and hold space for ourselves to rise above the stress (fight or flight) response back into present time awareness where compassionate communication can take place.

Next, we will focus on getting in touch with the major emotions and what they feel like in our bodies through music, movement, sound and role playing. We will end with a fun and sacred Puja, connecting with others from a place of vulnerability, authenticity and joy.

Cultivating Emotional Intimacy is a necessary act of Self-Care and Self-Love that raises our ability to love and create harmony with ourselves and all of our relationships.

Find out more ~ and Register! Sacred Tantra


July 30, 2017
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Palm Beach, FL