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Energy, Breath and Whole Body Orgasm: Tantra Workshop for Singles and Couples

November 19, 2016

While genital orgasms are physical and move through only one set of nerves in your pelvis, whole body orgasms are also emotional and spiritual and move through every cell in your body.  Every chakra, every organ, every nerve, every pore of your being benefits from the ecstasy when channeled in this way.

Why have higher bliss states in Yoga class, meditation, and other spiritual aspects of your life and then have mediocrity, or boredom, in your bedroom. Sexuality is your life force, when you learn to channel it fully, you will find yourself coming home to the most amazingly empowered and peaceful aspects of yourself!

We were made to have whole body orgasms.  Genital orgasms are neither healthy, empowering or particularly extraordinary.  Whole body orgasms are all of the above. Plus, whole body orgasms support us in accessing higher states of consciousness and awareness.  They support us in lighting up the other unused 85% percent of our brain. Yet very few people ever have them. Why?  They either don’t know what’s possible or they don’t know how to access it.

In this fun experiential playshop for singles and couples I will guide you (fully clothed) through simple practices using breath, movement, touch, relaxation, intention and presence to awaken your latent ability to have more pleasure, ecstasy and divinely delicious Whole Body Orgasms (even men).

There will be no nudity or sexuality in this class yet you’ll go home ready to master the art in your own private practice.

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November 19, 2016
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Palm Beach, FL