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Play Time for Grown-ups

February 8, 2018

Find out more ~ and Register! Charla Hathaway

Have you given up on dating — because of a shortage of partners?

Do you feel lonely and wish you could connect tenderly with another human?

Do you feel embarrassed about changes in your aging body — and so avoid intimacy?

You’re not alone. Society doesn’t know what to expect from elder loving. We have few role models for healthy intimacy and sexuality in our later years.

Touch Austin

We live in times of loneliness, lack of touch, intimacy and meaningful sexual expression. We all miss the excitement and pleasure of connecting sensually with others, but what are we to do?

We propose a solution. We are a group of men and women, 55 years of age and up, who want to continue to love and live connected lives into our 60’s and way beyond. We value touch, play, tenderness and connection! We realize we are pioneers in this field of elder loving, as a generation that can expect to live many abundant years.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if connecting with a partner could be playful and friendly — and just what you want — instead of anxious or pressured?

What if you could comfortably enjoy relationships with more touch, do only things that bring you pleasure and learn to say “Yes” and “No” and get exactly what you want? And do it with confidence and joy!

What if you could meet a group of friendly men and women who share your longing for connection and touch and want to practice respectful boundaries?

This is what we are offering: Playtime for grown-ups.

We offer two evening classes in Austin with an amazing Intimacy Coach, Charla Hathaway. Charla has travelled the world with her workshops, helping people live richer, fuller, more loving lives. She’s our age, so she can understand our reservations, upbringing and concerns.

Charla is vibrant, accepting, beautiful and above all, safe. As conveners of this workshop, we are all committed to providing a safe, welcoming place to practice individual choice and consent. In the workshop, you can learn all you need to without ever touching another person, but touch will be available. We will remain clothed and any touch will be sensual, not sexual.

In an evening of elegant activities, the workshop includes games to open your senses and nourish your soul, while connecting your hearts. In a comfortable setting, you’ll cultivate new skills to

  • deepen attention
  • lead and follow
  • give and receive
  • come and go naturally with a partner
  • engage with others while staying connected to yourself
  • feel more safe, relaxed and spontaneous
  • make new friends for whatever purpose you intend
  • communicate your “yes” and “no”

We’re just getting started in Austin, so come if you are ready. Over time, we will build a loving community of friends. If you feel the call, please register below. Attendance is limited to a small number of participants per workshop.

Find out more ~ and Register! Charla Hathaway


February 8, 2018
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Austin, TX