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Secrets to Tantric Intimacy: Sustaining Masculine Energy & Pleasure

September 11, 2015 - September 13, 2015



Re-awakening Feminine Energy & Joy

Sustaining Masculine Energy & Pleasure

Tuition per workshop: $599 per person by early registration deadline | $649 thereafter

Phenomenal shifts are available to you just like Barbara and Dwain from the video clip. I remember them attending one of our introductory sessions and coming up to me at the end asking if it was possible for them to let go of the anger and resentment that had accumulated in their relationship. The tension between them was palpable. My response was ‘yes, of course, you can learn how to let go of it.’

In the process of working with us at TantraNova they turned their relationship from anger to intimacy which is now available to them as a daily practice.

What do you want to turn around or open up to in your life in terms of love, intimacy or your sexual expression?

At the Re-awakening Feminine Energy & Pleasure and the Sustaining Masculine Energy & PleasureWorkshops you will learn a step-by-step process for bringing and expanding lasting intimacy in your life and relationship. You will unleash your full capacity for intimate connection and joy with yourself and in your relationship that you are in or intend to create.

In a safe, respectful and joyous environment the following will be available:

Here is what you will get from attending:

  • Deeper intimate connection with yourself and your partner
  • Experience fulfillment, joy and pleasure in your life
  • Rediscover the source of your creative energy
  • Letting go of shame, fear, guilt and past conditioning

For the woman:

  • How to awaken to her sensuous Goddess within
  • The secret to being in her sensuous flow, aliveness and playful joy
  • How to receive, give and trust while opening her heart
  • How to support her partner in slowing down and being truly present
  • How to assist her man in the rediscovery and circulating of his sexual life force energy
  • How to free herself from past sexual imprints that keep her from being her luscious and alive Self

For the man:

  • How to channel his life force energy to enhance his sexual pleasure and intimate  connection with himself and his Beloved
  • The secret to having his partner desire him more
  • How to be an invitation to his woman so she welcomes more intimate exploration
  • How to be grounded in his manhood while connected with his heart
  • Skills to feel strong, sexually confident and fully available to his partner so she feels save and wants to receive from him
  • How to assist and support the woman in re-awakening her feminine sensuous energy

The 3-day weekend workshops are combining beginner and intermediate level TantraNova work and are designed for couples and individuals with or without prior study/experience with TantraNova.

There is no public nudity in any TantraNova workshop. Friday and Saturday evenings are set aside for home partner practice in the privacy of participants’ home or hotel room.

Room and board are not included in the tuition

For accommodations at the Guestroom at TantraNova in Chicago. For other locations please check event page for that accommodation information or please contact


September 11, 2015
September 13, 2015