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Sex as Prayer ~ An Ecstatic Pleasure Celebration for All Genders

February 8, 2018

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When our heart’s greatest passion meets with our body’s most heart-felt expression, our world will be forever changed…

Join Brad Amberheart, Monique Darling, Peter Petersen, Bruce Bartlett, and a strong collective of local muscians for an ecstatic communion of music-making, love-making, and vision-weaving. This living, evolving ritual was literally born out of death. Brad Amberheart, Appalachian sex priest, tells us that he had to call upon all of the powers within him to help his grandmother when she was making her final transition at age 87. So he called up his lover to help. Together, they gathered at his house with musicians to send prayers across the mountains to his grandmother so that she could be “birthed” into her next realm of life, beyond the body. Today, Brad and Monique share this living, embodied ritual with you in hopes that you will find the same power in it which they and now many others have found. Sex as Prayer is a ritual which thrives on love-making in ALL of its forms. We’ll be sharing the whole evening in a circle. The outer circle will be for singing, playing musical instruments, self-pleasure, or pleasure with a lover or lovers you brought with you! The center will be a place for tribal erotic connection.

We’re going to start the evening with an hour-long play-shop. Brad Amberheart will guide us in some basic principles he’s been using to generate whole-body ecstasy since he was 14 (iincluding wonderful ejaculation control techniques for horny guys :-)! These exercises will be focused on self-pleasure, with the option of calling upon a circle of 4-5 people to support you with touch, affirmations, and/or simply presence. Monique and Peter will be actively demonstrating techniques designed to move erotic energy and excitement in ways which transcend our physical body and open us to higher states of full-body orgasmic FUN.

We’ll be playing primarily with the reality that YOU are the creator of your own orgasmic states of consciousness! We’re going to be experimenting primarily with self-stimulation of all of your senses, with the added bonus of having an entire community of people to support YOU in what brings you the most freedom in your expression!

And then, THE RITUAL BEGINS! This is a ritual born out of the death of Brad’s grandmother in 2013, when he and a lover made love as a way to pray her across the threshold into the Spirit Realm. This ritual is for our health, our loved ones, and the well-being of this world! Tonight, Brad and Monique will be guiding us in the use of song, rhythm, movement, love-making, and all forms of pleasure as tools for blessing ourselves, each other, and our world. This ceremony will be set up as a circle with a center. There is place for all of us in this circle. The outer ring of the circle will be for those who wish to sing, dance, drum, laugh, cry, pleasure ourselves, or share pleasure with a lover or partner. (Bring a musical instrument!) The center of the circle will be a place for group erotic pleasure and healing in the name of ourselves, our loved ones, and this world.

*You may choose to come here to deepen your relationship to your own body using self-pleasure.

*You may choose to come here to sit in meditation, move, sing, drum, dance, play a musical instrument as accompaniment for others’ love-making, or even to release your sadness or grief as food for the Earth.

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February 8, 2018
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San Diego CA