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August 15

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What if there is WAY MORE to 0rgasms then what we experience in the bedroom?

Tantric 0rgasms, Energetic 0rgasms, Heartgasms? Curious?

Join Sasha Rose & Deva Presence for a delicious evening of tea, discussion & sharing. Get your questions answered and explore new ideas & techniques.

Within each of us we have the power & ability to create one of the most powerful energies there are in the world…..S@XUAL ENERGY! Not only can sexual energy release endorphins, serotonin and oxytocin it is so powerful it can literally create LIFE! We are each here by this powerful force of sexual energy! We all have the ability to access this power every day! There exists inside of you a stored resource of unlimited potential. Lets explore this and more together.

Join us for our other events this week as well;

An all day workshop on cultivating this energy:

And a YUMMY evening of exploring dance, sensuality & ecstasy
Tantra Ecstatic Dance

About us:

Sasha Rose Love is an Intimacy & Relating Coach, Energetic Healer & the Ultimate Sensationalist! She shares the skills, practices, and techniques that have helped her overcome deeply ingrained limiting beliefs such as sexual shame, lack of self-confidence & worth, the martyr mama & childhood neglect and abuse. Combining her years of study in trauma recovery, professional cuddling, somatic sexual healing, shamanism, women’s reproductive health, midwifery, conscious parenting, herbalism, & cranial sacral therapy to offer well balanced & blended teachings. Through these techniques, she helps guide people in creating the life they want regarding love, sex, money, health & connection. She’s passionate about sharing ways to integrate the practice of tapping into the wisdom of the body for guidance every day. You can find out more about her at

After nearly a decade of study and practice, I have finally unraveled the secrets to being a multi-orgasmic lover. The solutions are wild and unknown to most, yet tangible and effective. Sexual healing finally began the more I just accepted my nature and listened to the wisdom of my body. I’m here to help you awaken to your own bodies “Sexual Healing” abilities. Learning from Grand Master Mantak Chia, becoming the principle in the Master Lover Online training by my Master Tantra teacher Ma Ananda Sarita and diving deep into Tantra and many other conscious sexuality training over the years has helped me map out “pleasure principles” for you to apply and make changes in your life now!

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August 15