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Shamanic Sound & Energy Healing

February 18, 2017

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Come and sit in the quiet, calming space of a shamanic healing circle. You will be welcomed into the room and invited to sit. Each person will get to introduce themselves, say why they have come, and then Kelle will give you a description of the work she will be doing.

Group Healing: Everyone who attends will receive healing through the group healing process. The energies of the group will be cleared and then bolstered with additional energy. The vibrations will be raised and it is not uncommon for new awakenings to happen. Throughout the session, Kelle will be toning, providing healing to the group as well as moving and shifting the energy of the group.

Optional Hands-On Healing: There are 7 spaces available for those who wish to have a hands-on healing in the middle of the room. This healing will entail Kelle doing personalized work on you specific to the needs of your energy field. She may place her hands upon you, tone into your body at various locations to break up blocks, pull spent, unneeded energy from your field, and open various chakras that may be shut down. The healings are brief but powerful and those who have them report major shifts in their fields.

The Impact of The Personal Healings On The Group: Every group comes together for a reason; there are common issues, themes and energy work to be done. As each person steps into the center of the circle, the work that is being done on them impacts the group as well. You will hear how the toning that Kelle is doing will shift to reflect the energies of the person in the middle of the room. This shift reflects the energies of that person’s field and what it needs to be healed. As the energy moves in the person in the healing chair, it will impact those in the circle and help to move their energies too.

Kelle Sparta, Transformational Shaman, Reiki Master Teacher, psychic, channel, medium, and energy healer has been practicing her healing work for over 40 years. Her ability to see clearly into the energy patterns in the astral body give her the ability to go right to the heart of the blocks and move them in gentle fashion. Her work is deep and powerful, inviting change and movement often for months to come. She is skilled in working on deep issues including grief, self-doubt, worthiness issues, personal power, and more. PLEASE ARRIVE 10-15 minutes EARLY – At 6:00PM and the doors will close to new arrivals so that the space can be set for the healing.

Find out more – and Register! Temple of Frolic


February 18, 2017
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Boston MA