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Tantra Festival Mexico 2019

November 10, 2019 - November 14, 2019

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Tantra Festival Mexico
10th to 14th Nov 2019
Riviera Maya, Mexico

The first Tantra Festival in Latin America!
We are beyond excited to embark in this beautiful adventure together.

What moved us?

Latin America is one of a lot of places in the world that were devastated by catholicism, they killed our traditions and replace them with guilt and shame, they took our power by controlling and repressing our sexuality, they took our life force to the shade. It is time to reclaim our sacred sexuality and heal our collective wound, it is time to learn new ways of relating because the old ways aren’t working anymore, it is time to understand that in order to find wholeness in ourselves we must work together (Female-Male) instead of against each other! It is time to listen to our ancestral wisdom and reconnect with our ancient traditions. We are one of the most sexist places in the wold, and our life force has been violently raped for many generations now. Mexico especially is ready to be freed from the church, to get rid of this imposed cultural shame and live and love freely without judgement or guilt.

What we offer:

A 5 day 4 night transformational tantric celebration nestled on the luscious jungle of this Caribbean Paradise. A heartwarming gathering of wonderful people in a place surrounded by beautiful nature.

The Festival will offer you the opportunity to meet other people willing to explore sexuality, relationships, personal development and spirituality through tantra, one of the most powerful methods of self-realization.

You can take part in a rich selection of workshops, meditations, ceremonies, dance and concerts to inspire a deeper experience of presence and ecstasy within ourselves and with others. It is a place to heal old wounds, especially around shame and guilt, self-doubt. It is a place to really dive deep within yourself and regain your power, bringing greater peace and fulfillment.

A curated team of experienced facilitators that will guide you and support you through this wild journey of transformation and awakening.

Our amazing venue in the middle of the jungle will provide a sensual space to explore your wild side, with lots of different natural scenarios to enjoy the magestuosity of nature and reconnect with mother earth.

It is recommended that you come at the start and stay for the duration. This is to help hold space for the journey, that each person feels safe to open up.

Before or after the festival you can take advantage of visiting impressive Mayan Temples, or just relax in beautiful white sand beaches, perhaps dive into the turquoise waters of the caribbean or maybe just a swim into the most impressive cenotes (flooded caves) which can only be found in this part of the world.

Laurie Handlers
Michael Gibson
Monique Darling
Peter Petersen
Clara Gomez Santos
Kristopher Stone
Halo Seronko
Philippe Essence
and many more… see full list here:

Avy Shanty
Bapstiste Sakya
Eric Mandala
Gabriela Niwetzika
Rodrigo Perezvega
True Nature
Zu Zen

You don’t need any previous experience of tantra to come, just an open mind and a willingness to face yourself and others truly. The festival is suitable both for beginners and advanced practitioners, 18 years and above. Whether you are younger or older, all sexual orientations and preferences are welcome in the practice of tantra. You can come alone as a single or together with a partner.

If you’ve been feeling something is calling you to explore spirituality, If you have felt like something is missing in your life, if you’ve been craving to connect with like minded people or feeling like you don’t belong where you are, If you’ve been interested in Tantra or if you already know you want to go deeper into sacred sexuality and fully enjoy every color of life… Come and join us! We are waiting for you!
Limited spaces, register here:

If you want to participate as a volunteer, healer or media, find the applications here:


Find out more ~ and Register! Click Here


November 10, 2019
November 14, 2019
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