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Energetics Of Us ~ Exploratorium Tantric Buffet* Sleep-over * Wake & Meditate

April 1, 2017 - April 2, 2017

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Have you been wondering what we are all about? Wondering what it feels like to be in this space? Do you have a lot of questions for Candace about her private sessions or any of the events? Who is Candace anyways? What is happening in this community? Abd what the f*ck is tantra?!?!
No experience needed!

Tonight I, Candice will be guiding us through a Divine co-created tantric meditation. I have been taking people on Journeys inside of their bodies for the last 5+ years using a shamanic Tantra approach. We will start off with sacred sound healing brought to us in the form of a gong bath then we will continue using sound elements, breath , movement and many other sacred Arts to bring us deep into our bliss filled bodies. you will explore being in your own body, the meditation will have a very high focus on being inwards, connecting to your own self, feeling what is like to be in your very own amazing body. Waking up the guru within you!

….from the Energetics inside of us we find our way to explore the Energetics of those around us….

From this expanded connected conscious container we co-create we will then form another container from which we can learn about and explore the Energetics of Tantric connection with others in a fully clothed non-sexual way with many options for everyone to explore within their own personal physical & energetic boundaries. You can trust that there’s a sweet spot in this world of Tantra for you wheree you feel safe in all this wildness that may be unfamiliar to you, opening up to your edge, your hell yes abd your no…all is welcome here.

You will have opportunities to just explore the space, mingle with others and just enjoy the community.

The entire evening will be a guided journey that will simulate a meditation/workshop/party experience. You can expect to learn, heal, connect & expand…..

I’m inviting everyone to sleep over!!! Lets dream together. Yes, it’s a divine journey to go through just the evening portion but yet to add another layer of yummy on top, let’s have a slumber party! Let’s all drift off to dream world together, wake up togethe, have a morning drink/snack and meditate together. We will set intentions for entering the dream world together in a good night ceremony as well as negotiate sleeping quarters. There is plenty of space to sleep alone or in a cuddle puddle in the temple….many choices…

You are NOT required to sleep over, it’s an option

Whether you were interested in the events or a private session, I completely understand the desire to get to know someone to have all your questions answered and to feel comfortable in a space within community.
I do my best to make myself available to answer questions as they arise but here you get to meet me, meet some of the community and feel the energy of YOU here, of me, of us….the community.

Find out more ~ and Register! Temple of Frolic


April 1, 2017
April 2, 2017
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