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Sensual Alchemy, Energetic Ecstasy, and Spiritual Awakening

April 7, 2018

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We are being called upon to transform ourselves and all of humanity in this time of global awakening. Will you be ready?

Experience the power of movement, breath and sound alchemy practices to support you in raising the amount of energy running through your body for sensual enjoyment, greater embodiment, higher level multiple Os, vibrational ascension, bliss attainment and the acceleration of your healing gifts. Sound accesses emotional expression, movement awakens sensual energy and breath raises your vibration. Throw in a gentle kundalini awakening and you have a most powerful alchemical combination!

When Kundalini awakens your whole being benefits on all levels. All of your higher level abilities are expanded and you accelerate the process of spiritual awakening. Your sensual energy expands and your ability to give and receive pleasure are multiplied. You become more able to experience higher levels of pleasure, energetic ecstasy, and multiple whole body Os. Your experience of sublime union with the Divine also expands.

Your sensual energy is the foundation of your being. When the energy is flowing freely through every chakra in your body, connected to your heart and your higher vision, you attain a greater ability to give and receive pleasure as well as a higher attainment of bliss and ecstasy. The effects are far-reaching into every aspect of your life.

In this experiential afternoon, we will learn a simple, yet effective, massage technique on the spine that gently begins or accelerates the awakening process, and practice it on each other.

We will also learn to cultivate the awakening of sexual/spiritual energy through breath, sound and movement in a solo practice, as well as in community.

Finally, we will learn to move pleasure energy through our bodies and play together in the realm of energetic ecstasy (fully clothed)

As always, we will establish a sweet community connection so you will leave class feeling peaceful, connected and joyfully alive.

Find out more ~ and Register! Lourdes Starshower


April 7, 2018
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Palm Beach, FL