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Temple Of Play And Erotic Brunch

March 25, 2018

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It’s like church but juicier….a Sunday afternoon sacred play party that includes an erotic brunch…YES!!

Greetings yummy beings! I invite you to join us in the Temple of Play.. On a day when so many in the world are slowing down to connect with the Divine, let’s gather in that same spirit in the most loving, spiritual and sexually empowered reverent way we can!

Our last Temple of plays are going deliciously well. There is nothing quite like the sensation of a warm French toast massage, cool orange juice belly bubbles or sticky syrup armpits. The Mind does not have the capacity to comprehend all these Sensations coming into your body at the same time so it is forced to slip into a sensually full body present meditative sensual experience , it is quite exhilarating! To amp up the yum factor for everyone next time I’ve added some additional guided erotic sacred food play segments to bring us all together in the sticky, messy, juicy, tasty conscious fun!

Sexual Energy is our god/goddess essence, it is the energy from which we all came. That is something that we can all connect upon. We are all Divine sexual beings. The ways in which we choose to engage with our sexual nature may look very different to each of us. When We Gather on this lovely Sunday morning I would ask you to remind yourself of this, to see yourself and everyone else in the temple in that spirit … as innocent divine sexual beings!

There will be 4-7 areas/play spaces set up lavishly with an array of ornamentation to enhance our sensual frolicking spirits. Each area will be marked as a Red, White or Pink zone and will have some toys to explore the energies of these elements of play. We will hzve white zones, that clothing stays on, it will be a cuddly kind of space, completely nonsexual, a space to practice touch, boundaries, and consent without sex being on the table.

We will have pink zones with many different sensation toys, a massage table and more. If you love anticipation, love to make out, love to revel in your sensuality, this room is for you (no direct genital interaction, bottoms/underwear stay on here)

Then we have our red zones, that will be open to all sorts of consensual sexual activities, kink, non kink, and many otter imaginative juicy desires.

Creating these different spaces opens up so much opportunity to explore the varying degrees of how we show up in our sacred sexual bodies, and how we may want to interact with others in the room or not. I hope that you’re able to find some space for yourself to enjoy the energies of each of these zones even if it’s by holding witness in a conscious vouyer like way, which is welcome. Your presence is participation and a gift .

We will hold an opening circle where we will discuss our play agreements the guidelines for how we are to operate within the Temple this morning, consent, safer sex and other conscious safe space logistics. During this time we will also go through a few exercises together to drop into the essence of our divine Soulful and playful nature.

Find out more ~ and Register! Temple of Frolic


March 25, 2018
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San Diego CA