What is Sacred Eros about?

Here is a list of FAQ – frequently asked questions and answers, everything you need to know about us, Tantra, Tantric massage and sex coaching.

What is Sacred Eros?

Sacred Eros is a directory of practitioners – tantra, sacred sexuality, sensual touch, sex coaching and related professionals involving sensuality, sexuality, spirituality and intimacy. We are not an agency of any kind. Each advertiser practices as they choose and lists themselves here so that you can find them.

Practices listed here focus on hands-on experiences, as opposed to counseling, though many practitioners also offer consultation.

We also offer articles and list classes and workshops by our advertisers.

What is Tantra?

Tantra is both an approach to life and a spiritual practice emphasizing physical experience. American, or Western Tantra, also called Neo-Tantra, teaches a set of practices to deepen sexual experience and use sexual energy as a ‘rocket fuel’ for spiritual growth and intimacy.

Learning tantra may include breathwork, movement, ritual, sound, touch and occasionally sexual touch and connection. Tantra is taught in one-on-one sessions and in workshops, both for singles and couples.

Many tantra teachers use an instructional approach, sometimes clothed. For others, tantra sensibilities are woven into an erotic experience, whether through massage or a mutual activity. Our advertisers do their best to clarify their approach in their ad.

For more about tantra, please visit the articles page.

Many of our practitioners offer Tantra in their sessions. See them listed here.

What is Sensual Massage, or Sensual Touch?

Hands on your body, for your enjoyment. The touch is one way only, not mutual. Sensual Massage, or Sensual Touch, focuses on pleasure as opposed to working on a particular muscle problem or therapy. The experience of sinking into deep pleasure can be healing, restorative and transforming.

On this site, our advertisers offer many kinds of body work, including sensual massage, therapeutic massage, energy work and more. In most states, massage is a licensed occupation, so you may be offered sensual touch or a body rub instead, if the giver is not a licensed massage therapist.

Many of our practitioners offer Sensual Touch. See them listed here.

What is Sex Coaching?

Like other forms of coaching, sexual or intimacy coaching focuses on skills – self awareness, communication, boundaries and limits, skills for touch and intimacy. Our practitioners combine talking with hands-on experience, in whatever way the two of you agree will best meet your needs. This combination is an invaluable service found nowhere else.

This can be done in one or two sessions, but is best in multiple sessions over time, as each new skill level brings new awareness.

Many of our practitioners offer Sex Coaching. See them listed here.

What is Sacred Sexuality?

The intention of sacred sexual experience is to deepen the heart and meaning of sex and to awaken the natural connection of sexuality and spirituality. Intention is the key here, more so than a particular activity. The activity is chosen to spark and support the intention and attitude, and of course depends on the agreement of the partners.

A sacred approach to sex counters the common idea that sex is bad or unworthy of serious attention. Many people find this attitude helps them step out of their old habits and find an entirely new mindset about their own sexuality. There is much overlap here with sexual healing.

What is Sexual Healing?

Sexual healing, like sacred sexuality, is an attitude more than a set of treatments. Actual practices range from consultation, witnessing, non-sexual and sexual touch, body work and role play, to just generally loving and accepting you the way you are, which is healing in itself.

Many experiences are aimed at increasing self awareness and self acceptance. Others are aimed at addressing specific needs such as erectile dysfunction or orgasm difficulties. A common theme is healing shame and recovering natural joy in your body.

Who are the practitioners?

We are erotic educators, tantra teachers, sexual healers, love coaches, sacred sexuality guides, sensual artists, sexological body workers and sacred intimates.

Some of us started as health professionals, counselors or massage therapists and expanded the sexual element of our work. Some came from other disciplines and chose this work after years of personal exploration and self-actualization. Our practices vary but what we have in common is our confidence in the power of experience.

What do they do?

Our practitioners offer sensual experiences to help singles and couples love more deeply and have a fuller and richer erotic life.

We guide you in erotic explorations that develop your skills, enrich your life and expand your consciousness. Sometimes that may be a rejuvenating oasis of pleasure; other times lessons and coaching may in order.

We each bring unique training and experience, and tailor our skills to your needs. Some activities you are likely to find are:

  • sensual massage, or sensual touch
  • tantric instruction or exploration
  • hands-on coaching for erotic awareness and skills
  • counseling and verbal coaching
  • erotic trance bodywork
  • breath work
  • rituals
  • meditation
  • fantasy and role play
  • hands-on coaching for specific sexual function needs like erectile dysfunction or orgasmic challenges
  • classes, workshops and group experiences
What do they cost?

Our advertisers are sexual energy professionals who provide a unique service, and generally charge more than a traditional massage therapist. Costs are posted on the ads or at their websites, which link from the ads.

Are they trained?

Many of our advertisers have advanced degrees in healing modalities, therapies and bodywork. Most have completed various trainings and certifications for tantric practices and sexual education. Others have learned their skills through years of personal exploration. These are usually listed on the ads.

Do they work with couples?

Most of our advertisers are glad to work with couples. If you don’t see it on the ad, just ask.

What can I learn in a session that I can’t get from a book or video?

Sometimes a good book or video is all you need to get started. Other times, a physical experience with someone who knows what they’re doing can make all the difference in the world. By guiding and giving support and feedback, they are able to take you into experiences that may be hard to find without it.

What should I expect from a private session?

It depends of which practitioner you choose to work with and what is their specialty. Many of our advertisers combine a variety of approaches. Every practitioner chooses her or his own form of work, and every practitioner chooses what they will do or not do in any given session.

There is absolutely no way to guarantee any specific activity, especially a sexual one, within a session. That would be prostitution. Asking for it is illegal in most states, and so is agreeing to it. Please be respectful.

It is far more helpful to know your intention for a session – what you hope to learn or receive – than it is to pre-plan your activity.

Can I get help with sexual problems?

Many sexual ‘problems’ can be helped with attentive care and guidance, and experiences in which you have the opportunity to learn more about yourself and intimacy. Coaching in sensual skills can help overcome or manage erectile difficulties, ejaculation and orgasm challenges.

There is a number of sex coaches among our practitioners who are able to help you with sexual concerns, in a holistic way, without diagnosing dysfunctions.

Should I work with a man, a woman, or a couple?

Working with a female practitioner . . .

Many people are more comfortable with a woman. Women clients often appreciate knowing the practitioner shares her experience as a woman, and ‘speaks her language’. Many couples prefer learning with a woman if either one is uncomfortable with another man. Others prefer women for the joy of it.

Working with a male practitioner . . .

Do not underestimate the power of nurturing touch from a caring man! Contrary to what society teaches, men are just as naturally sensual, loving and supportive as women.

Women can find it very healing to have a safe, caring and intentional experience with a male, in a way they might not have had before.

Men might choose to work with another man as well. Many men have never had the chance to be mentored or coached by another man. Heterosexual men may more easily learn about themselves without the distraction of a woman practitioner. Others may seek a safe and gentle way to explore eroticism with another man.

Others simply prefer a man, which is a good enough reason.

Working with a couple . . .

For many people, this increases the feeling of safety and legitimacy. Practitioner couples often draw from their own experience as a couple, bringing that extra insight. Client couples can avoid concerns about feeling awkward as a ‘triangle’.

And don’t forget the possibility of a 4-handed massage!

Please visit Tantra and Sensual Touch Definitions for more answers.

Glossary and FAQ kindly provided by Beth Morgan. Please let us know of other questions you may have.