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Advertising price $40/€35/£30 per month for individuals and couples.  Long term discounts are available (refund policy).

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How to Create a Successful Profile on Sacred Eros.

Are We a Good Match?

Sacred Eros serves tantra teachers, sacred intimates, sexual healers and shamans, sacred sex guides, surrogates, sex coaches, intimacy coaches, sexological bodyworkers and pleasure artists, women, men, transgender persons and couples. Basically anyone who is working towards increasing our awareness and consciousness of sexual expression. If you are one of those people then we invite you to join Sacred Eros.

There are some great sites promoting escorting and entertaining. We are not one of them. Many of us have advertised on escort sites, for lack of anything that accurately portrayed our work but Sacred Eros aims to change that!

To Advertise With Us

Here are the things you are going to need to join Sacred Eros:

  1.  One  main header/banner photo (featuring your face) + 3 (ish) photos for your text, we ask for good quality photos and by quality we mean high resolution and clear image. We want to advertise your skills and expertise, not your body. We are also mindful of the implications of FOSTA / SESTA laws so if the submitted photos show explicit nudity and / or sexual or suggestive content we reserve the right to ask for alternatives.
  2.  Your text (minimum 300 words), it matters for SEO.
  3.  Link to your website if you have one. Please also link back to Sacred Eros.
  4.  A photocopy of your ID, driver’s license or passport – so we can prove you are of legal age.
  5.  Payment – $40 per month, 3 months upfront, this is also for SEO reasons; search engines don’t like websites with pages that appear and disappear. Please remember the payment will show up as AcroCycle.


    Step 1 - You

    Step 2 - Your advert

    Step 3 - Your Photos

    Please see our guide on writing a successful profile to know what kind of images to send (in short - professional… not a selfie).

    Max file size 4mb. You can email additional images, or images that are too large, to Allowed files: gif, png, jpg, jpeg