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What About Your Sexual Intelligence Quotient?

We all know about IQ, emotional intelligence, kinesthetic intelligence, and so forth. But what do we know about sexual intelligence? ...
tantra massage

5 Elements Tantra Massage

This is the 3rd in a series of 3 articles. See: Female Sexual Dysfunction and Female Sexuality and Healing. 5 ...

Home Play: Mastering Your Sexual Energy

Mastering one's sexual energy takes some practice. Whatever you train your body to do alone will make it that much ...
tantra orgasms

Multiple Orgasms for Men – Fact or Fiction?

Pop culture is rife with references to women being multi-orgasmic. Women are generally more sensual, sensitive, and nurturing than men ...

Re-claiming Your Heart’s Safe Place

A client said to me today, "I want to continue on this path of creating more erotic pleasure.  What would ...
tantra ritual couples

Couples’ Puja

A Tantra Ritual for Couples In our day to day living we often get caught up in the activity and ...
tantra lingam

Your Wand of Light

Master Your Wand of Light “Lingam” is an empowering Tantra term for a man’s sex organ! It comes from Sanskrit ...
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The First Step to Sexual Enlightenment: Conscious Breathing

Breath is the essence of life. From our first moments fresh from the womb until the last sigh of death ...
tantra lingam

Increase Intimacy for more Powerful Orgasms

Here's an article posted recently, interviewing Mare Simone - titled 'A tantric sex surrogate explains how to increase intimacy for ...
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Experiment: Excitement, Arousal, Breath and Transformation

 Experiment: Excitement, Arousal, Breath and Transformation I have to admit--I love it when someone tells me, right before an erotic ...
touching without a goal

Touching without a Goal

At our recent introductory tantra day, we spent the afternoon exploring the Wheel of Consent. It's derived from the Three ...

What is Erotic?

When we hear the word erotic we often think, “Oh my God, hot and endless passion and hard-action genital aerobics.  ...

How I Spent My Summer Vacation: Embracing Celibacy

The history books may remember the Summer of 2016 as a fight for our Democratic values as we faced, an ...

Sexual Transmutation (Wand of Light, pt 2)

Sexual Transmutation (Master Your Wand of Light, Part 2) (Part 1: Mastering Your Wand of Light) We left off from ...

Tantra For The Single Life

Single? You may be wondering how Tantra applies to you. How can you practice Tantra without a partner? How could ...

100 Days of Tantra

By a Student I suspect that I entered the world of tantra like a lot of other people…by accident. I ...
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Tantric Peace in the Face of Violence

Tantric Peace in the Face of Violence The reports of senseless violence are dominating the airwaves recently. Just when we ...
Anna Marti, Portland tantra teacher

What is Tantra? An Interview with Anna Marti

What is Tantra? An Interview with Anna Marti Anna Marti is a "sex and spirit" counselor and intimacy coach in ...

Sex Magic for Gay Men

Harnessing the Creative Potential of Pure Erotic Joy The potency and potential of what two sexually-charged male lovers hold in ...

Millennials and Intimacy: What’s Not Adding Up?

For the past few years, publications like Mic, The Atlantic, and even TIME have pointed out that millennials have been ...

Is It Better to Give or to Receive in Sex?

Is It Better to Give or to Receive in Sex? Do you have a difficult time of just relaxing and ...

What is Tantra?

What can it teach me about myself and about connection and intimacy? Are there some tips I can take home and use right away?

How does Tantra work in a session with a practitioner?

These articles about Tantra and Tantric practice are written by our members for your enjoyment.

All this and much more in these articles on Tantra, sacred sexuality, intimacy and love.

For example:

When we hear the word erotic we often think, “Oh my God, hot and endless passion and hard-action genital aerobics.  Erotic, like the word sex, has been narrowly defined in culture to mean plumbing and pumping of body parts. I use the term in a much larger context.

I define erotic as “being truthful, vulnerable and compassionate about one’s sexual/sensual arousal, desires, fears, and pleasure in each moment.”  Erotic is ‘revealing’ what is going on in us instead of ‘concealing.’  Erotic is feeling safe to be who we are.  Erotic is not being judged.  Erotic is being spontaneous instead of having an agenda.  Erotic is being able to say ‘yes or no’ with ease to our partner, 100% of the time with a 100% full heart.  It’s a tall order, but worthy of practice…and mistakes, and more practice!

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