Tantra and Sensual Touch Definitions

On this page you will find a handy introduction to tantra and sensual touch definitions used by our practitioners.

Body Work

Includes any variety of hands-on work with your body. May be therapeutic, sensual, sexual or any combination. Our advertisers specialize in hands-on experiences and this list includes many forms of bodywork.

Breath Work

Placing attention on the breath and using different rhythms of breath can be an amazingly powerful experience. Our practitioners use breath work in healing on physical, emotional and spiritual levels, increasing the flow of energy and reaching extended orgasmic states. It doesn’t sound very sexy, but did you know you can reach an orgasm with nothing but breath?

Most professionals here use the breath in some form, even if only to help you relax and take in your pleasure more deeply. Some use it extensively in exploring states of expanded awareness and connection.


Chakras are energetic structures, or areas of power in and around the body. Different traditions describe their number and function differently, but generally you can think of them of as a link between the physical body and the energy, or non-physical body, or spirit.

They can be used as reference points for personal process, or worked with directly on or close to the body. Often used in tantric practices and rituals. For a thorough description, read Shakti Jan’s article on tantra.


Some of our advertisers offer a less structured and more naturalized approach to enjoyable sensual time with you. It may include time on the town or in the studio, and is highly individualized for each person and each session. No two visits the same.

Dakini (female) or Daka (male)

The name comes from Sanskrit and means ‘sky dancer’. Modern dakas and dakinis combine tantra, sacred sexuality and sexual healing, in their own unique synthesis. They often include mutual interaction, but most do not offer escort service, or sex for entertainment purposes.

In our tantra and sensual touch definitions Dakinis and Dakas are practitioners who offer their services to you.

Dark Tantra

In order to go deeply into an experience of surrender, which can be exquisite, it’s helpful to have someone else play the role of taking charge. This is often called domination, and combined with a Tantric approach, allows a profound experience of surrender.

Also called domination/submission. Though it may appear that the dom is taking their own pleasure, the professional dom is actually in service to the submissive client, taking them into an experience of heart-opening surrender.

Light domination is the same dynamic in a gentler form. Think silk scarves and words instead of chains and whips.

Double Goddess Session

Two female practitioners working on you at the same time. Pretty heavenly!

Energy Work

Perceiving and working with the energy fields in and around the body, traditionally called the aura, charkas, meridians or chi. In other words, there is an unseen exchange or transmission of energy, for healing, growth and transformation.

May be done with or without touching, and can easily be combined with other modalities. The exchange of energy can also happen automatically when we are doing other things.

Erotic Trance

Trance does not mean you can’t get back. It simply means you engage intensely in your inner experience and your brain waves are doing unusual things. This allows for very profound emotional and spiritual release and insights, and transformation.

The erotic aspect means are using erotic touch and your state of arousal to drive and deepen your trance. The experience may be quiet or active, or change from one to the other.
Erotic trance, like other forms, precludes mutual play – you are deeply engaged in your own experience that is all about you. And believe me, in erotic trance, that is exactly where you want to be.

Escort Service

Providing a sexual experience for the client. The goal of both the provider and the client can of course vary tremendously, but generally is considered to be for entertainment and gratification.

At Sacred Eros we believe that escorting is a valuable but frequently maligned service. We honor all escorts, both those who choose it as a calling and those who take it as a last resort. However, we do not offer it here on this site.

Female Ejaculation, or Amrita

Science is finally acknowledging this physiological phenomenon. Yes, it is ejaculate, a clear, sweetish liquid which is not urine, and arises from the same kind of tissue that produces male ejaculate, but without the sperm. This is sometimes called the Female Prostate.

Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. It is usually pleasurable, but is never something to be forced or demanded for the entertainment of the other person. It does not prove anything, as women can experience great pleasure with or without it.

Women, it is not another thing to add to your list of what you should be doing, instead of what you love to do. Men, it is not another thing to add to your list of what you should be making her experience.

G-spot Massage

The G-spot is a location inside the vagina which is extremely sensitive, for both pleasure and healing. It can hold a great deal of emotional pain as well. For these reasons it is important to approach very gently, with love, respect and care, never with force or pressure. Each woman must set her own pace.


Calling a woman a Goddess reminds you (and her) of the powerful and vital sexuality that is her natural state. Goddess is often used to mean women who embody that natural power as a professional, so that in their presence and as they tend to you, you can be inspired to find the Goddess within yourself.

Goddess Worship

Means giving adoring attention to the woman – however she likes it!

Intimacy Coach or Sex Coach

Like other forms of coaching, sexual or intimacy coaching focuses on skills. Self awareness, communication, boundaries and limits, skills for touch and intimacy. Our advertisers combine consulting with hands-on experience, in whatever way the two of you agree will best meet your needs. This is an invaluable service found nowhere else.

This can be done in one or two sessions, but is best in multiple sessions over time, as each new skill level brings new awareness.

Kama Sutra

Literally, ‘Book of Love’ or ‘Verses of Pleasure’. Ancient Indian texts providing scripture-like guidance on the arts of love and sex (for which the book is most famous) and also attaining virtue and wealth. Most Americans think of it mainly for ‘sex positions’. However, it is much more, and positions don’t mean much without care and attention between the two of you.

Kama Sutra is not considered a Tantric text so you might argue that it should not be on our list of Tantra and Sensual touch definitions but we thought you might like to have a look at it to appreciate the depth and importance of the Hindu sexual education.


Refers to the concept of a very vital and powerful life force, coiled at the base of the spine, which rises through the body, opening and charging all the chakras. Kundalini can be blissful, enlightening, and life-changing. And for this reason, even scary.

Some tantric practices focus on awakening kundalini, and on strengthening the other energy and physical systems of the body to contain and support it.

Male G-spot, or Prostate Massage

The prostate has been called the male g-spot because of its sensitivity for both pleasure and healing. Like the female G-spot, approach it with love and care.

Many heterosexual men fear that if they like this kind of massage (reached through the anus) that it may mean they are homosexual. Not true at all.

This area of the body is rich in nerves endings and pleasure potential. Many straight men love this, for very good reason. It’s awesome.


Ya’ll know this one – hands on your body, for your enjoyment. The touch is one way only, not mutual. In most states, this is a licensed occupation, so you may be offered a body rub instead, if the giver is not a licensed massage therapist.

Do not underestimate the healing and restorative powers of massage or a body rub.

Sacred Sexuality

You will often find Sacred Sexuality mentioned amongst tantra and sensual touch definitions, here is our take on it.

A sacred approach to sex counters the common idea that sex is bad, or unworthy of serious attention. The intention of sacred sexual experience is to deepen the heart and meaning of sex and to awaken the natural connection of sexuality and spirituality. Intention is the key here, more so than a particular activity. You choose the activity to spark and support the intention and attitude, and of course depending on the agreement of the partners.

Many people find this attitude helps them step out of their old habits and find an entirely new mindset about their own sexuality. There is much overlap here with sexual healing.

Sacred Sexuality Guide, Sacred Intimate, Sacred Sexual Healer

Those who practice sexual healing or sacred sexuality. Again, the actual activities vary. It usually implies some degree of mutual interaction, but not necessarily. Sacred intimates may offer single focused sessions, or sometimes longer, more complex relationships.

Sacred Spot Massage, or Sacred Spot Work

A woman’s sacred spot refers to the G-spot, a highly sensitive area inside the vagina. Because of its sensitivity, it is a powerful place for healing touch and often brings emotional release and deep change. Always treat the G-spot with care, attention and patience. Never use it to try to push through your fears or resistance.

For men, prostate massage can be a similar experience. This is sometimes called male G-spot, or male sacred spot.

Sensual Massage

Sensual Massage focuses on pleasure as opposed to working on a particular muscle problem or therapy. The experience of sinking into deep pleasure can be healing, restorative and transforming.

In body work, touch is one way and attention is on you, with nothing to give back. Our advertisers offer many kinds of body work, including sensual massage, therapeutic massage, energy work and more. In most states, massage is a licensed occupation, so you may be offered sensual touch or a body rub instead, if the giver is not a licensed massage therapist.

Sexological Bodywork

Registered in the state of California as a bona-fide occupation. This is body work with a healing and/or educational intent, that may include genital and/or anal touch. All touch is strictly one way, with the giver remaining clothed. This is an excellent way to learn about your body and how it works.

Sexual Healing

Sexual healing, like sacred sexuality, is an attitude more than a set of treatments. Actual practices range from consultation, witnessing, non-sexual and sexual touch, body work and role play, to just generally loving and accepting you the way you are.

Many experiences are aimed at increasing your self awareness and self acceptance. Others are aimed at addressing specific needs such as erectile dysfunction or orgasm difficulties. A common theme is healing shame and recovering your natural joy in your body.

Sexual Surrogate

Sexual surrogates work in concert with a therapist to help people with particular challenges learn and practice relationship and intimacy. In spite of the name, many times this does not include sexual intercourse, but may be simply learning to touch or to communicate desires and boundaries. Many sacred intimates and intimacy coaches take a similar approach, but without the therapist.


A specialized practice of working with energy, as a way to mediate between the physical and the non-physical worlds. Often uses trance or bliss states, sound, drumming, prayer or touch. Takes serious training and apprenticeship, usually from traditional avenues.
Like other forms of energy work, it may or may not include touch, and creates an exchange or transmission of energy that can be healing, transforming and, well, mind-blowing.

Shamanic Tantra

Combines – guess which two! Relies on the training and intuition of the practitioner and is very individual, each practitioner develops their own approach.


This is the key tantra and sensual touch definition, if we were not writing this glossary in alphabetical order it would be on top of the page. What is tantra?

Tantra is both an approach to life and a spiritual practice emphasizing physical experience. American, or Western Tantra, also called Neo-Tantra, teaches a set of practices to deepen sexual experience and use sexual energy as ‘rocket fuel’ for spiritual growth and intimacy.

Learning tantra may include breath work, movement, ritual, sound, touch and occasionally sexual touch and connection.

Many tantra teachers use an instructional approach, sometimes clothed. For others, tantra sensibilities are woven throughout an erotic experience, whether through massage or a mutual activity. Our advertisers do their best to clarify their approach in their ad.

Tantra is also often taught in workshops, both for singles and couples. For more about tantra, please see the articles.

Tantra Massage, or Tantric Massage

This is not a specific form, but is any massage a tantric sensibility. That implies practicing a deeper sensory and spiritual awareness, and often includes some coaching or support in breath and relaxation and inclusion of erotic energy.

Tantra Teacher

Exactly that. Focuses mainly on teaching you skills. Tantric Teachers teach fully clothed with no sensual or sexual touch. Someone who calls themselves a teacher often means they take a more instructional and educational approach.


Anyone who practices tantra. Usually implies that they include their tantra skills in a professional setting.

Taoist Erotic Massage

A specific form of massage which includes intense breath work combined with full body touch to create a prolonged state of sensory and sometimes emotional intensity. Then there is a conclusion (not orgasm) that suddenly quiets the nervous system and allows for a rapid change of awareness. Can be peaceful, dramatic, emotional, spiritual, and any combination.

Taoist Sexual Practices

Taoist approaches focus on becoming aware of the circulation of energy through the body, including sexual energy, and learning to direct that flow at will. Best known for techniques to prolong male erection and redirect the ejaculatory response and allow for a non-ejaculatory orgasm. Yes, it can be done and with time and patience you can learn it too.

We feel the above is a good introduction to Tantra and sensual touch definitions but if you would like to research the subject of Tantra keywords in more depth we recommend A Beginners Glossary of Tantra Terms by Yoga International.


Glossary of Tantra and Sensual Touch Definitions kindly provided by Beth Morgan. Please let us know of other questions you may have.