Refund Policy

Quality of Inquiries

We are not responsible for the number of inquiries, who they are from or what language they use. We optimise SEO with the intention of providing our practitioners with authentic, reasonable inquiries, however we cannot be responsible for the internet. The number of inquiries you receive is heavily dependent on the text you submit for your page. We are simply a place for you to be showcased.

Short Term Payment Subscription (less than 1 year)

The first three months worth of payments are mandatory (non-refundable), after that any advertiser will be on a rolling payment subscription, unless you have chosen another package.

In certain cases and within certain limits a refund may be applicable.

  • If your advertisement is not listed on our website (as a result of our error).
  • If the website is down for more than 15 days in one month, that month is refunded.
  • If you are charged in error.

We will not refund you if:

  • You decide to no longer be a practitioner.
  • You decide to cut down on expenses.
  • You decide for any reason not to advertise with us any longer.
  • You have paid more than one month in advanced and since then changed your mind about advertising on Sacred Eros. (Advance payments are non-refundable).

Long Term Discounts (1 year and longer)

We do not offer any refunds for long term discounted price, all sales are final.

Lifetime payment are for the lifetime of the website.

Opening Cases with Payment Companies

Work in this industy does not get the respect it deserves. As a result it can be difficult to obtain accounts with payment merchants. Due to this, we charge an admin fee of $100 for anyone who opens a case against us disputing a payment and then wishes to resubscribe to the platform. ** Dispute cases cost us legitimacy and make it difficult for us to continue to offer this service.