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Orgasms, Cougars, and Wizards: 8 Myths of Sex and Aging

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Why Women Fake Orgasms (and what to do instead)

Why Women Fake Orgasms (and what to do instead) Ladies, if you are faking orgasms, please rest assured that you ...

Female Archetypes and ‘the Girl in the Cave’

“ Once upon a time there was all but oneness: All was God and God was All, no separation, only ...

What are Tantra and Sacred Sexuality? What can they help me with as a woman?

How can I learn to feel more at ease with my own desire and respect my inner knowing?

How can I teach my partner how to touch me the way I like?

What are some tips for more intimacy and connection with my partner?

All this and much more in these articles on Tantra, sacred sexuality, intimacy and love.

For example:

Do you have a difficult time of just relaxing and receiving the pleasurable attention of your partner during foreplay? Or do you feel the need to return the favor right away?

Sherry told me that she feels selfish when she just receives the pleasure that her lover gives her. So, in order to overcome her uncomfortable feelings, she always starts touching him back during foreplay.

When both partners touch each other simultaneously, both have to split their focus instead of being fully present as the giver or the receiver. This is not necessarily a problem – there are times when you might be looking for a sensation of partially focusing on yourself and partially on your partner.

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