Chi Cultivation for Sustained Ecstasy

By Hailey Dawn Armstrong

Chi cultivation for sustained ecstasy also known as ‘Energy Matters’ involves a 5 part progressive experience that prepares the energy body to cultivate and sustain higher states of electricity so you can experience and know ecstasy in your body. This is a unique course that requires a daily commitment to be in your practice. Each week will build upon the other. It is through my own practice and embodiment of knowing ecstasy in my own body that I am able to share this with you.

I would like to share a story of a client that reached out to me, who had been looking for a while to find someone to help him reactivate his Kundalini that he had purposefully shut down after having a Kundalini awakening years earlier. He shut it off because he had a friend who also had a Kundalini awakening and ended up dying by suicide. He was initially feeling really scared about what powers it opened up but now wanted to reactivate it. He found my ad on Sacred Eros a few years ago and we started with a phone consultation. He could feel my embodiment in my voice and was excited to work with me so signed up for the Energy Matters Course. This man is a very successful therapist helping people who have tried other therapists and couldn’t get the results that they wanted. For him to come to me with his need and it be fulfilled was a great honor. 

We began with a general intake and meeting, some pranayama and mantras. The second session we played ‘peace sticks’, a mind body flow arts game. I then gave him a massage and cranial sacral therapy session. We continued with acro yoga, mantras and bija mantras. There was a disconnect between his body and mind which contributed to him shutting down the Kundalini. Through these embodiment practices and body-work therapy, he was able to make the adjustments to become more aware and embodied. He was able to find greater stability in his heart and mind as he felt heard and supported. During the final session we sat in Yab Yum and he felt as though his soul had taken a soul breath. Breathing and having a soul knowing about the wisdom and energy I carry, he felt as though it awakened some ancient sleeping part of himself, that he was guided like turtles with an inner compass back to their center. During this Yab Yum, sitting and breathing together my energy initiated and activated his Kundalini in a profound way. 

Chi Cultivation for Sustained Ecstasy | Hailey Dawn Armstrong

Energy Matters is a unique course and experience and I do not work like the usual tantric practitioner offring lingam and yoni work. Through my life experience I have found that people jump too quickly into the physical and sexual aspects without cultivating a deeper body awareness of how to feel and circulate one’s own chi and sexual energy and are too eager to just have an orgasm. It is through daily practice and commitment that you will start to find results. I like to refer to it as nectar drops that fill up ones’ ‘inner cup’, if you are prepared with the skills and awareness to circulate and navigate the inner dimensions of our psyche and soul, the results are life changing. What I am here for is to guide you into your own sustained states of ecstasy so that you can come into your relationships and intimacy with a full cup and deep wisdom.

It is also important to be willing to work with a professional trauma specialist as diving into these topics can bring up buried wounds and traumas stored in our body and our subconscious. To add to this, Kundalini activation awakens the shadows, as well as the gifts and powers of the Kundalini and Shakti life force energy. 

What I offer is a gradual path to awakening this energy within yourself. I will guide you with practices of chi cultivation and embodiment that will prepare a good soil for seeds to grow and will give you the tools to tend and harvest great fruits. 

It is important to understand that this isn’t a quick fix tantric pleasure session. That isn’t the kind of work I do. There are plenty of people who do this. If you have a deep soul calling to awaken your Kundalini, to explore deeper subconscious and shadow aspects of yourself, a desire to know an entirely new level of pleasure and ecstasy in your body then this works.

Your Kundalini be activated and you will gain the skills needed to navigate the power you will feel flowing through your body. 

I work with those who have a pure intention to awaken and experience their greater potential. 

I look forward to guiding you to your own nectar!

Love, Hailey Dawn Armstrong

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Your guide to chi cultivation for sustained ecstasy. 

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