Women we can have it ALL. At the expense of no one.

Sometimes it can be edgy for me to make any space for male feelings. I want to rage and rally and band together with other slighted women. I want to ask more of men in a demanding tone. I do not want to hear what they have to say back. How they feel about what I have experienced with other men. I want them to shut up and step up. To only speak up to ask women what needs to be done. I want them to get out of the way, become obsolete even, or at least less interested in themselves.

Women | Preet | A Women's Place is Power | ArticleThis comes from a place of scarcity and conditioned male dependence. My insistence on them getting it, understanding where women are coming from and then doing something about it still reeks of helplessness. Wanting them to “know their (lesser) place” comes from a feeling that in order for women to be in our full power, men have to step back. It has a begging energy of wanting scraps of what they have. I want something different. Revolutionary. In reality there is enough personal power for us all and real social change requires it.

We are not in competition. That is a male conditioned construct. I have rolled my eyes at phrasing like “We rise together.” But as I come into my own personal power I see more and more clearly how no other empowered woman is a threat to me, and no disempowered man grasping for control is a threat to me either. Yes we are aware of who poses the biggest danger to our physical bodies on a lonely street at night, what personality construct may deal the biggest blows to our emotional bodies, who our egos will have a tangle with. But this is just information. Can I feel below to the soft underbelly of shared humanity and resonate with the deep bass underneath? That longing to be connected to our own ability to navigate this crazy world and all it’s twists and turns with grace, finesse and power?

Women | Preet | A Women's Place is Power | Article
Women | Preet | A Women’s Place is Power | Article

Fucking PERSONAL POWER. That doesn’t intrude on anyone else, is not here to take or trample. That is secure in it’s strength and softness. Power that also does not seek to defer or become small to make way for someone else’s power. I want power that wells when it meets the edges of another power bubble. I want grounded, rooted, embodied power. Power that shape-shifts and gets mystical on my ass. Power that has lessons to teach me. Relationships that it brings me towards and away from. I have this power. I know how to access it. I have my practices, my work I love to do, my own edges of capability that I love to nudge. I know who around me will bring out more of it. I know who I am most effective in inspiring and bringing it out of.

Women on the edge of your power. I am calling on you. I am calling on you to be bigger with me. To unapologetically spend more time on yourself, get to know your nuances. To take up more space, name your desires, go for what you long to have. Find your support network by being so unapologetically yourself that just the right ones draw to you. Move your body, use your voice, create. BREATHE. Be still, be quiet and unsmiling when you want to. Be you in our entirety.

If this feels overwhelming and you don’t know where to start. If self-doubt and mistrust are kicking in. I have been there. I guide beings ready for MORE to move authentically from self-doubt into lives full of purpose, abundance, satisfaction and pleasure. Because I love to. Because it gets me to do it myself. Because the only way to turn this ship around is for all of us to serve in our most authentic ways. When we step into our right to have, and our ability to get ourselves there, we have owned the power that has always been ours. No man to give it or take it away. Our own masculine and feminine our best teachers and lovers. And each other, the best no-bullshit wild n out hype women posse.