Amber St. Germain Couples Course

How my couples course helped a marriage go from no sex and fighting to being in love and blissful like never before.

He contacted me

and told me he was very unhappy in his sexless marriage and was even considering hiring an escort to get his needs met. His wife didn’t know any of this but she had suggested that he contact me. She was also interested in learning tantra and getting help for their marriage as they had been fighting frequently.

He wanted more physical affection and she was stressed out working and raising their two young boys. Their relationship looked great on paper but had lost the feeling of magic together. She wanted to feel more feminine. He wanted to feel her adventurous, wild, feminine, sensual nature again. They wanted to be able to relax and enjoy each other. They decided to try the couples course with me and it exceeded all of their desires and goals. Months after we finished our work together they were still blissful, in love like never before and totally forgot why they had been fighting in the first place!

Here is some of what they said:

“My wife discovered new sensations, new areas that felt amazing she had never noticed before. She found her voice in being able to direct me to what felt good. Watching you she said was actually incredibly beneficial, and she found that it “gave her permission.”  We were both completely at ease with the entire weekend, despite our anxiety walking in. You did an absolutely masterful job of creating comfort, atmosphere, chemistry, and energy that built and crested through the weekend. We agreed this was something we would love to do again, even regularly…

Immediately after her session, she talked about being 100% completely in the moment, and completely in tune with everything, every touch, sensation, energy and the like. She’d never felt so much pleasure or even knew it was possible. However, she updated her sentiment after my session. She said, ya know….I thought I had completely let go during my session, but i realized I hadn’t at all. I let go during your session…

Prior to our weekend, she has a girlfriend whom she said it might be fun to do this couples retreat with. Then, after her session, I asked her again. Now that you’ve done it, and you know what is involved, would you still do this? and she said, surprisingly, Oh yeah, definitely.”

“We have felt a sense of calming euphoria since Saturday, that has persisted strongly all the way through this Tuesday afternoon. We have felt aligned, connected, and in step with each other almost inexplicably. It has been wonderful.

Our senses have remained heightened.

Going on walks here, smelling coffee in the morning, gentle touches we give each other throughout the day. All of this has been elevated. We are going to work very hard to maintain this, as it has been very intoxicating. I personally have felt a constant state of arousal. It has not waned at all, and has been there, just under the surface even in my day to day. This is all just the afterglow of everything from this past weekend retreat with you.”

“Amber St. Germain is a master coach, teacher and practitioner. She did a masterful job of every detail about our experience. Amber pays attention when you talk, hears and onboards what you say. She crafted the experience around us, and the small touches were recognized. Meditations, breathing, and playful energy building were engaging and fun. She created an atmosphere of pure sensuality and indulgence, and made us feel 100% at ease and comfortable, and ready to learn. We will absolutely be keeping in touch with Amber.”

Couples Course | Amber St. Germain | Sacred Eros Website Article
Couples Course | Amber St. Germain | Sacred Eros Website Article

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