Erectile Dysfunction Case Study

by Lora Al-Awar


“I told Lora when I made my Karsai appointment with her, that sometimes things “worked”, and sometimes they didn’t. I woke up the morning following my first Karsai Nei Tsang session, and things were in the “up” position. This has not happened to me since I was in my twenties! (I am now 57). Then the next morning, the same thing. And then every morning since. This is when I emailed Lora to schedule another Karsai session, asap!” Billy T., Myrtle Beach, NC

This was one of my first testimonials when I began giving my clients deep pelvic floor fertility treatments to treat erectile dysfunction and impotence. Billy was one of my first clients. He was a single man with a steady girlfriend at the time. He was in good shape for his age, despite smoking heavily. He ate at fast food places and did not lead a particularly healthy lifestyle.

I honestly did not expect such a positive response from Billy: a single 3-hour session worked wonders! It piqued my interest and motivated me. The more hands-on work I did with my clients, the more I realized how each person reacted differently. Some guys need only one session, while others require several sessions. When I combined bodywork sessions with behavioral therapy, past life regressions as well as working with the old traumas, I began to see significant lasting changes.

Erectile Dysfunction Case Study | Lora Al-Awar | Sacred Eros Article
Erectile Dysfunction Case Study | Lora Al-Awar | Sacred Eros Article

Aaron requested a 6-hour session with me. He had suffered from erectile dysfunction since his divorce 12 years prior. His ex-wife accused him of sexually assaulting their twin daughters aged three. He didn’t do it and felt terrible about it. Nothing bad occurred, the court believed him, and he carried on with his “regular” life.

Unfortunately, two months after this awful incident, he became completely impotent, and his erectile function never returned. Since then, he only had one relationship with a woman that lasted 2 years, but it failed due to sexual reasons. Aaron never wanted to be engaged with another woman again to prevent anger and embarrassment.

I was guided to take Aaron to one of his past lives where he first met his now ex-wife, to see their full karmic relationship. Aaron saw himself as a Catholic priest who sexually molested children. His ex from his life here and now happened to be one of those children he sexually abused in his past life. 

In another lifetime that followed, Aaron saw himself as the only son of a very evil disgusting-looking mother. This woman abused him nonstop both physically and mentally. It was a very miserable lifetime of victimhood and abuse.

We did a lot of healing for both of those past incarnations. Even though things already happened in the physical realm, we were able to create a different outcome when the Catholic priest made different choices once he learned how his actions would affect his own future self. 

Aaron had received a few more bodywork sessions and related therapies since and is now steadily regaining reproductive function. He is still hesitant to date women until he gains more confidence and self-care.

The allopathic approach is often ineffective in alleviating these types of disorders since the underlying causes might be found in other realms, in this instance past incarnations. We do not come here as a blank slate; reincarnation is real. We have a far greater chance of resolving the issue and achieving long-term stable results if we treat it holistically on all levels (physical, emotional, mental, karmic, causal, and temporal).

by Lora Al-Awar

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