Lack of Sexual Desire in Women

by Melissa St Mari


The most common problem women have in relationships is lack of sexual desire. It’s one of the primary reasons relationships and marriages end. 

As a tantra teacher for over a decade the main reason men came to see me was because they were not having sex with their wives and hadn’t for a long time. Sometimes even many years. 

Most of them didn’t want to leave their wives but they were secretly terribly unhappy in the relationship and ripe for infidelity. Some had already taken other lovers. Others were seeing escorts or sensual masseuse to get their needs met. 

Sometimes they spent a lot of money on these “hobbies” and even had deep ongoing relationships with the “providers” for years. Often their wives didn’t want to know about their “hobbies” and were just happy they were not bothering them anymore for sex. 

Sexual Desire in Women | Melissa St Mari | Sacred Eros Website Article

This is a sad reality for many people and relationships. 

One of the reasons I became a Sex and Relationship Coach and Therapist (MFT) is to help people with lack of sexual desire, reclaim their birth right of pleasure and enjoyment of their body and life! And to have happier and more fulfilling relationships. 

There are many reasons for lack of sexual desire including: emotional issues in the relationship, a sexual abuse history, being a new mom, menopause and painful intercourse to name just a few areas that I treat. 

A common problem is that biology has set us up to have great sex for the first few years of the relationship, you might have heard the phrase New Relationship Energy. Once that phase is over our hormones shift from mating to maintaining a family. This means we feel in love for the first couple of years and then those powerful love hormones wear off as we have successfully mated and perhaps even created a child. 

This is when people say they have fallen out of love! 

They don’t realize that this is a natural part of mating and bonding and they often blame it on having a child and / or start looking for another partner to start all over with, to get the strong love cocktail of hormones they are missing.

It’s an addictive cycle but totally natural and biologically built into us. To overcome it and keep the love alive we need to understand what is happening and to master our own and our partner’s sexual energy to keep the passion and romance burning strong. 

This is what I teach in my Sacred Seductress Course for women and my Sexual Mastery Course for Men. 

Contact me, Melissa St Mari to find out how I can help you. There are lots of hacks I will be sharing. For example the fact that women need more non sexual touch (aka cuddling, massage and similar) to even feel their sexual desire. You will also find out how to use those facts to your advantage to create the kind of relationship and intimacy you want.