Letting Go Of Pain

Letting Go Of Pain – Written by, Makena Andrews


“My life was never mine until I stepped into my sexual power.” Makena

We all have a story to share, our own journey of your sexuality, a life we have lived full of tears as well as laughter. And we also all have a life we want and crave more of. Through sacred sexual healing, I have experienced transformative healing and have given birth to a magical new life. My desire to share my experience with other women. I want to see more empowered, wild and free women living in their sexual power; owning it, honing it and transforming their lives and the lives of those around them with it.

Do you feel resistance to making yourself a priority? Do you live for you? Do you feel worthy of the things you desire? Do you find yourself listing all the things that you are responsible for, the reasons “why not”, with excuses and justifications fueled my self-sabotage, or fear of change. Overwhelmed or exhausted and not knowing where to begin, or even able to see it as a possibility for you.

The truth is that you have all the right ingredients to begin actualizing your new self, yet, maybe you feel something is still holding you back. Maybe subconsciously your waiting for a sign, your cue, or a big wake up call, that will move you forward to take action. Not everyone gets a near death experience or sign from the heavens. I’ve experienced learning from suffering, and I invite you to choose to grow from pleasure not pain.

THIS is your cue.

Change can be difficult and uncomfortable, and many fail to see it through.

But it is time to take the leap, lean into it, surrender to all that you are, and take your life in your hands. Stop listing all the reasons to keep it on the back burner, that you will do it later, always having an excuse.

Are you done?

Done with not feeling and being everything you are?

Done with not being fully present in your own life and body?

Done with feeling out of control, stuck, lost, confused?

Done watching your own life instead of actually living it?

Done reliving your past traumas and stories?

Are you ready, willing to invest in there self growth, new life, new way, new reality, and a new sense of self?


You can make a choice to say you are DONE, and by investing into yourself, you are declaring to yourself and the Universe that YOUR healing, growth, and expansion IS a PRIORITY.


There is nothing more worthwhile then claiming your life back. Stepping into your sexual power. Playing, being curious, and finding all the new spaces within that are longing to be embodied. Trusting your inner Masculine you are SAFE, so you can let your creative, flowing feminine dance through life with ease! Discovering your bliss, rejoicing in the pleasures of life, freely feel and embrace love, calling in abundance, and awakening your Spirit to new dimensions.


You are Safe. You are loved. You are connected.
(Letting Go Of Pain)


This is the good stuff. The delicious nectar of life. I do this work because it has transformed my own life. I was there too. I was stuck and frustrated. I was done. Then I surrendered to what is, stepped into my courage, and lovingly chose something different; that was my first act of self love. And now I guide women who are struggling to get through their blocks so they can tap into their power and own their raw juicy desire for life!  I support them on a journey into the mystery of who they are, empowering them with tools so they can give themselves the permission to be ALL of who they are.


I hold a larger vision, a new way. A movement that is already sparking and taking flame. Women, let’s support eachother. We are not victims. We hold the power to transmute all suffering into love. Each of us hold the ability to liberate ourselves. To stand in our sacred sexual power and change the world. Come Women, let’s dance in our burning fire of freedom together and discover what’s REALLY possible! And there we will remember that the possibilities are endless, limitless, and already OURS.