Men – Learn to have Multiple Orgasms Before Ejaculating!

by Melissa St Mari


Yes, men can orgasm without ejaculating and they can have multiple orgasms before ejaculating! In fact this is the key to life long virility, vitality and prostate health!

For most people sexual functioning and vitality start to go downhill at midlife.

This is especially true in our fast paced American culture where we put very little emphasis on cultivating sensuality, pleasure and enjoyment of life thanks to our protestant work ethic. Most men ejaculate quickly and addictively to porn, to relieve stress or to get to sleep with little sensuality. These habits predictably lead to loss of functioning, difficulty getting and keeping a full erection, difficulty ejaculating and eventually prostate issues that lead to prostate cancer and surgery. For most men prostate surgery means even less sexual function and no more ejaculating, Ever. In fact, doctors say that if a man lives long enough he will absolutely get prostate cancer! This is a grim prospect that can be avoided with some knowledge about how sexual energy actually works!

Multiple Orgasms for Men | Melissa St Mari | Sacred Eros Website Article
Multiple Orgasms for Men | Melissa St Mari | Sacred Eros Website Article

If you buy into the medical system 100% then you are limiting yourself to the problems that the medical system knows how to solve which are limited! Don’t get me wrong, I believe in the medical system and science as much as anybody else and I’m also smart enough to know from personal experience that there are plenty of problems, chronic illnesses and mystery illnesses for example, that the medical system is clueless about. Our western medical model is good at medication and surgery which are important and have their place. But if you could avoid prostate cancer and surgery and become full body multi orgasmic in the process while regenerating your body in as little as three months would you?

It’s really not that hard. I teach simple yet powerful techniques to help any man master his sexual energy and his partners sexual energy to become multi orgasmic and help any woman become multi orgasmic in as little as three months. What is required is commitment and dedication to learning and practicing fun sensual practices that rewire your body and mind for more pleasure and your nervous system to be able to hold more energy in your body leading to more vitality, virility, confidence and charisma.

Personally I grew up in a conservative sex negative culture in the bible belt with plenty of guilt and shame around the body and sexuality. Still I was curious and thought there must be more than what i was experiencing so when i moved to the west coast i took the chance when i had the opportunity to study tantra and jumped in with both feet. I learned everything I could and become a multi orgasmic woman. To me being a multi orgasmic woman means you can reliably experience orgasms that range from clitoral to penetration orgasms, full body and multiple to even female ejaculation. As a result of practicing tantra I’ve been able to experience all this as well as sexual spiritual experiences and awakenings. I’ve actually written a forthcoming book about my experiences with tantra practices to demystify and hopefully make becoming multi orgasmic more practical and accessible to everyone as I do in my practice as a Tantra Teacher and Sex and Relationship Therapist and Coach MFT.

However, if you think you can just pick up sexual mastery from a book or from learning a few beginner practices and then progressing to mastery on your own you may be quite mistaken. Tantra is an art and science that has been handed down from teacher to student as an embodied transmission. This means that you learn it somatically from being in the presence of someone who has this mastery and can transfer the energy to you. This can be done via video as well as in person. It also takes committed practice and motivation and there are several phases one must move through over the course of several months to achieve results and success. You need to learn from someone who has this mastery themselves. I’ve learned from both female and male tantra teachers and men with ejaculatory mastery who are also multi-orgasmic over the years what works. These men still ejaculate just perhaps not as often and they have 3-5 orgasms for every ejaculation which builds their sexual life force energy rather than depleting them. If you learn to do this you will have it for the rest of your life like riding a bike and you will never have prostate issues!

So is it worth opening your mind up to other possibilities beyond just usual boring sex, routine masturbation and the medical system which guarantees you will lose your sexual function?

Lets see if you could have more energy without having to drink so much coffee, feel more confident with women and make them happier, age reverse and look younger, have way more pleasure and never have to worry about losing your virility or having prostate issues would you do it?

Would it be worth taking seriously and committing to it for three months with a smoking hot and very intelligent young woman who has devoted herself to studying this art and science for the last 15 years and who has your best interest at heart?

Would it be worth investing time and money? What is your health and virility worth to you? Do you think its important to have good sex and relationships for a happy life?

Multiple Orgasms for Men | Melissa St Mari | Sacred Eros Website Article

Consider this. Your sexual energy and functioning are core to your self confidence as a man.

Every other area of your life is impacted by your self confidence. How you do sex and relationship is how you do everything in life. And if you don’t master this now you may never have the opportunity again. After all what I offer is extremely rare and unique!

This is something I believe you should have been taught as an adolescent. If we taught young people sexual empowerment and self mastery there would be no unwanted children and there would be a lot more joy and freedom! Pleasure is your birthright.

Embody Your King and Claim Your Sexual Power Now!