5 Reasons You Need Ejaculatory Choice and Orgasmic Mastery


Ejaculatory Choice and Orgasmic Mastery are essential for any man who want to consider themselves an accomplished lover. Here are 5 reasons why you need it too:

Orgasmic Mastery | Melissa St Mari | Sacred Eros Website Article
Orgasmic Mastery | Melissa St Mari | Sacred Eros Website Article
  1. Performance Anxiety– when I talk with single men their # 1 sex and relationship issue is performance anxiety and feeling confident with a new woman. Mastering your sexuality, having ejaculatory choice and orgasmic mastery before being with a new woman allows you to be confident in meeting, dating and being intimate with women. It also helps any relationship you start go smoother since you are able to help her be more orgasmic and satisfied. This is the thing. Whatever you train your body to do when you’re alone will make it that much easier or harder when you are with a woman in a sexual experience. This is why when boys masturbate quickly for fear of being caught or out of shame, they train themselves to come quickly when they are with a female partner. Also if you are masturbating to porn you are training your body to need a lot of stimulation mentally and visually, to ejaculate from only a certain kind of physical stimulation ie. however you tend to stroke yourself and perhaps even to come quickly with very little sensuality if that is how you self pleasure. Think about it.
  2. It’s better for your health and prostate, it builds your vitality and virility and keeps you youthful! Ejaculatory Choice allows you to ride the edge of orgasm and build your sexual life force energy which is good for your health, vitality, virility, longevity and prostate health. Time tested Taoist and Tantra traditions discourage ejaculating too often and depleting sexual life force energy or chi. Think about the stereotype of the man who disconnects and falls asleep after ejaculating when his partner wants to talk and cuddle or maybe she still hasn’t even had her first orgasm. This is a sign of depleted life force energy. You should feel energized as well as relaxed after having a release. Also if you’re having to make yourself come rather than just letting it happen and listening to your body you are depleting your sexual energy. In the long run this kind of addictive behavior leads to premature aging and prostate problems. Think about it, prostate cancer is treated by making it so you can no longer ejaculate and tantra practices have been known to reverse prostate cancer! How often is too often? Well if you’re addicted to porn you’re definitely ejaculating too much. However, you definitely don’t have to stop ejaculating all together to get the benefits. You just have to build more sexual energy then you are releasing and this is where Orgasmic Mastery comes in. With 3 months of devoted practice with me as your coach you will be able to have as many orgasms as you want before ejaculating. This is what men who master their sexual energy with the practices I teach experience and it only takes 3 months to have more health and virility for the rest of your life! I look at least 10 years younger than I actually am from leading a healthy lifestyle and practicing Tantra!
  3. It builds your masculine confidence and charisma which attracts women! Women will be attracted to you like bees to honey and they will have no idea why. I was always sexually attracted to celibate men; monks, priests ect. I came to learn this is because they are building up sexual spiritual energy rather than releasing it. But you don’t have to be celibate to build up sexual spiritual energy. You just have to be building more sexual energy than you are releasing. Embodied sexual masculine energy is where a man’s charisma and magnetism comes from. People respond to it, especially women. It is powerful and contained energy in the body. It is expressed in the way a man stands and moves and the way he speaks. It is the feeling of confidence and power he feels in his body and sexuality. It comes from a man not feeling like he has to release or get rid of sexual charge or desire through ejaculating but knowing how to hold, transmute and build that energy in his body for more power and passion in life. The practices I teach for this are pleasurable, fun and they work!
  4. It builds your masculine confidence and charisma which results in more success and more money!
  5. More energy, pleasure and deep satisfaction! Orgasmic Mastery as a man means you can orgasm as many times as you want before ejaculating! Yes this really is a thing that many men experience. It only takes a few months of serious commitment to the practices I teach to master this and have it for the rest of your life. You will have more energy, feel more alive and more passionate about life.

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There are books out there like Mantak Chia’s The Multi-Orgasmic Man book and these are yoga and Taoist practices traditionally passed down from teacher to student. Have you ever tried to learn yoga from a book? Usually you find out later you were doing it wrong. You want to learn from someone who has already mastered becoming multi-orgasmic themselves and has helped many other people to do the same. I’ve helped hundreds of men master Ejaculatory Choice and Orgasmic Mastery for life and be more confident and successful with women and in business in my online private one on one Sexual Mastery Coaching Course.

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