Poetry- Rippling waves of heat rise, shimmering,

across the torso’s atmosphere,

taking my tripping sweet heart by the hand,

and pulling him, wide-eyed, excited — spun

faster and faster — breath snags, catches, gets a bit ragged,

dawning joy pumps the bellows with vigor.

You (w)hol(l)y fill my eyes,

O Shakti, burning.


Yours are the feet that I want to adore;

long curving toes to suck, worship and lick.

Jewel them with toe-rings and sparkle your nails,

lines drawn in henna to deify them.

Boldly tattoo sacred canvas with bright

images, sacrosanct geometries.

Bless me with, grant me your taste and sweet scent.

Fit every last morsel into my mouth.



– a Lover

Swirl that tongue of yours

Down my ribs

Past my bellybutton’s crater

To the crease of my hip

And let me soak up all of your

Nourishing yumminess

Oh beloved

I feel you


And ready-

I smell you

And your essence beckons me.

Let me drink this moment in

Pinned beneath your


As the pleasure you offer

Warms all my


Breathe with me

And let’s keep exploring

The waves of pleasure

That offer our spirits soaring.

– Inara Grace
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Poetry | By Aurora | Sacred Eros Website | Waves | Breath