Prostate Problems Doesn’t Mean Intimacy is Over

by Tracy Lee


Prostate problems are frequent and cancer is one of the most common challenges of aging.  I am beginning to understand its dynamic as I watch many of my clients experience the different stages. There are those in dazed confusion at just being diagnosed with too much information about outcomes or strategies to make a choice.  I’m seeing clients at the height of their struggles where their bodies have changed dramatically.  And thankfully I’ve seen clients who are through the tunnel and out the other side to a cancer-free existence.  

Questions about intimacy come up a lot.  “My sex life is over!”  Is it?  At some stages of treatment sex is the last thing on your mind.  And that’s okay.  What about when arousal and desire are still of interest or blossom again?  That’s something we can work with. It can be challenging to open up the conversation with your partner that it’s now uncomfortable or painful to (fill in the blank). Things that worked before may not work the same, but new areas will almost certainly open up as a result.  This process is about looking at life and intimacy more intelligently.   

Prostate Probems | Tracy Lee | Sacred Eros Website Article
Prostate Probems | Tracy Lee | Sacred Eros Website Article

Adapting to change is part of life and relationships.  Intimacy and sexuality are no different. We can use the same strategy whether the changes are chosen, caused by age, or result from disease. We can adapt by not being attached to how things were, but instead exploring what’s new. When your focus isn’t on what you’ve lost, you can learn to navigate your world in a different, sometimes richer way. It’s about getting you out of the “I can’t” conversations and into–What I can do? What is possible?  What am I truly after? 

Involving your partner in this process can add to the richness of the experience if you are both open to it. You find what’s new and different together. That shared experience can bring a whole new level of intimacy when you allow vulnerability and safety to be cornerstones of your exploration.   

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