A client said to me today, “I want to continue on this path of creating more erotic pleasure.  What would your advice be for me?”

We had been immersed in euphoric pleasure for about 2 hours, so I felt clear as a bell.  Without even having to think about it, I let my guidance speak for me, and here is what I told him:

Allow your body to remember what this place of safety, love, nurturance, and affection feels like. The best way you can do that is to give yourself at least one hour per day when you know that you will not be interrupted. It would be ideal to be able to sit in a sunny spot–even if it is a sunny spot in your living room or kitchen, it will do.

Sit in this place of warmth, close your eyes, and call back that sensation of being embraced, held, and loved.  Allow your body to remember how it feels to be supported in your life.  Remind yourself of all of the people who have encouraged you in your life.  Recognize that these gifts of encouragement are still with you; they can never be taken away once they have been given. The support is still here, even if you no longer are friends with those who said them, or even if those people have died or gone on somewhere else!  The support is still here.  As much as this support is about remembering people who have loved and supported you (or still do), it is also about letting your body remember the sensation of being loved.

Repeat to yourself, “The support, nurturance, and love that I need are all around me. There are _________who are here to nourish and embrace me“.  You may choose to use words such as “angels,” “spirit helpers”, “infinite wisdom,” or “Universal support”….simply use nomenclature which allows you to feel the sensation of being nurtured and supported.  Feel it in your body!

Practice taking naps or staying in bed for awhile after you have already had a full night’s sleep. It is important to allow yourself, from time to time, to reach that state where you feel completely rested…so relaxed and rested that it almost feels like your whole body can laugh!  It may help to go to bed early at night.

Also, it helps to allow yourself a morning now and then when you have no where to go or nothing to get up and go do.  Even if you have to leave your normal every-day home environment for a day or two, do it!  It helps a lot to disengage the mind and heart from their ongoing, ever-present commitments or perceived obligations.  “But I have too many people depending on me, and so many responsibilities,” people may say.

Sometimes, creating the life we deeply desire in our heart is going to necessitate some changes, which might be subtle at first.  Taking a nap, going to bed early, staying in bed late, or taking  “mini-vacations” away from home all might sound like they are hard things to do, but let’s face it…there are harder things (like going to a gym…ugh!)

Appreciate these simple, yet life-giving ways to treat yourself to the subtle and powerful pleasures of Rest and Restoration.