Sexual Trauma and PTSD keep painful memories from our past alive and present in our day to day lives. Hypnotherapy uses the power of your own mind to unlock the hold these memories have on you, by helping your brain process them in a gentle and effective way.

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome) remains largely a mystery to the medical world.

The current, conventional approach to curing PTSD is a failure, to put it frankly. Every day we read about people returning from war and not getting the help they need to be free of this kind of trauma. MDMA is now showing promise in helping with PTSD but remains in early stages of clinical trails as the FDA advances at a snails pace in moving research forward.

If you suffer from trauma, you’re aware that some memories trigger feelings of present-time fear, keeping you anxious, and on high alert, even though consciously you know you’re no longer in danger.

If some of those memories have created Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that means your brain is matching those past memories to present day experiences, or what is referred to as ‘pattern matching’ in Hypnotherapy.

Faulty pattern matching can be triggered through any of our senses, for instance,:

  • The sound of a car backfiring being matched with a gun or an explosion.
  • The sound of a dental drill gets matched to a past appointment and tooth pain
  • The smell of a particular cologne gets matched with someone who hurt you,
  • The feeling of a hand on your shoulder gets matched with an experience of unwanted touch
  • The tender seductive words of your lover gets matched with the manipulation of a past abuser
  • The emotion of watching your lover go to work gets matched with the last time you saw your father walk out the door.

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Once the brain has pattern matched to a stimulus, the emotional response is triggered before conscious thought or awareness comes into play. It’s important to understand this, as congnitive or conscious reasoning can often leave us with insights, but little change in our experience.

Our brain is wired to protect us from danger, but if a past experience is not stored in the brain as being ‘in the past’, then our brains will continue to put us into high alert and all the emotions of fight, flight, or freeze get triggered, leaving us feeling confused, helpless, and even sometimes at fault.

When past trauma keeps you from giving and receiving love, and supporting negative beliefs about yourself and others, hypnotherapy can help your brain place painful memories in the past where they belong, and it can do this without requiring you to relive the painful details that can often retraumatize us unnecessarily.

Visual Kinesthetic Dissociation is a process that enables the brain to process a past experience(s) from a safe distance with full control of moving in, through, and out of the experience from a place of peaceful relaxation. This experience communicates to the brain that the traumatic event is indeed a past event, and no longer requires present-time fear responses. The memory(s) takes its rightful place in the part of the brain that stores memories from the past. And you can move on with your life, no longer being hijacked by past trauma.

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