How to live in big city and have a wholesome/awesome sustainable practice, even when you are most of the time overwhelmed with the wild speed of the never sleeping high tech city such as New York?

It’s tough, is not it ?
But where there is a will there is a way.
You can definitely do it.
Start with the very fist thing – intention.
Your intention can be – yes, I want to be more aware and more conscious, waking up and enjoying as much as I can what life has to offer even in such overwhelming stressful place.
Set intention to become more mindful.
In other words – PAY ATTENTION.
Even when you have to run to work, or be squeezed in stinky subway, or staying in traffic and feeling stressed about being late – pay attention to it and what is happening inside of you. Observe without judging. “Yes I am like this now. I am stressed now. I feel rushed.” Just allow your awareness to register it.
Energy goes where our intention goes.
Most of the times when you notice you are stressed & tight and breath into it – it will change and shift. Through the day find something really lovely to focus on. Beautiful spring weather, flowers, blue sky, wind from the Hudson on the streets, smiling people.  It will make your heart smile too.
Find what you are grateful for. Gratitude opens our heart and makes our life more joyful and amazing. Count at least 5 blessings every day. It will make your day more sweet.
Focus on senses/sensations. When you eat or drink – just notice how it tastes, how it makes you feel. Notice the gift of food or water and how it changes you after you consume it.
Notice when you touch something – how it feels – door knob, phone, keyboard of your laptop. Just pay attention.
And of course – your partner if you have one.
Take time to connect, to breath together, to go for a walk in this flourishing spring city to discover it’s beauties as it has many.
Be mindful of those precious moments you are sharing. They won’t last forever.
Be present.
Be grateful.
See each other as a gift.
Precious and amazing.
And bring the Divinity in. Whatever way you feel comfortable.
If you are present and conscious, loving in your heart and seeing your partner as a spark of the Divine as much as yourself – that’s tantra.  You can do or be it anywhere.