Top 10 States for Tantric Massage

Let’s keep this simple. You are travelling across the states and want to know where to find a Tantric Massage. You might even want to sample this pleasure multiple times on your trip. Below are the Top 10 States for Tantric Massage.

Top 10 States for Tantric Massage | California South

  1. California (South)

First and foremost we have California. This state is so jam packed with Tantric Massage therapists it actually makes our list twice. Starting off with Southern California. In particular the city of angels, Los Angeles. Whether you are looking for classic Indian Tantra or even a form of neo-Tantra, the bottom half of California has you covered.

Top 10 States for Tantric Massage | New York

  1. New York

Next up we have one of the most recognisable states in America. Known and admired all over the world as a place of culture and iconography. As it turns out this iconic state is also a hotspot for the Tantric way of living. There are many different styles with all kinds of embodied and sexual pleasures.

Top 10 States for Tantric Massage | California North

  1. California (North)

Coming not too far down the list from its Southern half is Northern California. This (half) state really offers up the variety when it comes to Tantric offerings. Everything from female practitioners who specialise in prostate massage to male practitioners who offer Tantric lifestyle training.

Top 10 States for Tantric Massage | Florida

  1. Florida

There is not much to see when it comes to Tantric massage in the South East, luckily Florida has you covered. With practitioners spread up and down the coast you have your pick. You can even experience a massage from two individuals at the same time. A real treat for the body.

5. Washington

  1. Washington

Tantra is not something you would usually associate with Washington state. However, this disassociation is not quite right. When you take a look at the people who offer Tantric massage, some of the most beautifully eccentric ones have gathered here. Everything from Tantric Muses to Mature Buxom Pixies.

6. Texas

  1. Texas

Texas really is a Tantrically charged state. There is a wealth of experienced practitioners who have spent years learning and developing their skills in the art of touch. If you are after a high end session with practitioners who really know what they are doing, Texas is the place to go.

7. Massachusetts

  1. Massachusetts

Possibly the most underrated state for Tantric practices in the whole of America. If you happen to be passing by or even better live in the neighbourhood you should treat yourself to the fruits of this place. They have some of the countries most popular female practitioners. Is there anything else to say?

8. Hawaii

  1. Hawaii

For such a small state this island really sets the standard when it comes to Tantric bodyworkers. It seems to be a hub for Tantric Educators and Sensual Touch artists. Can you imaging a better holiday treat than an exquisite Tantric session. It really is a reason to head over there.

9. Colorado

  1. Colorado

Not necessarily the biggest Tantric community, however it does seem to be one of the fastest growing. With more and more practitioners popping up, women especially, now is the time to go. Everyone is eager and ready to do their absolute best when it comes to offering pleasure through touch.

10. Oregon

  1. Oregon

Looking for a sexually awakening Tantric experience. Oregon seems to be the place to go. This state has practitioners who specialise in Erotic Mindfullness, Sex Coaching and Tantric Educatin. When you combine this all together over a couple of sessions, your life will never be the same again. Sexually awake, erotically charged and open to all kinds of new experiences.


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