True Story!

Last weekend I saw a couple here in Asheville for another tantra retreat!

by Amber St. Germain


This is a true story about  a couple I helped.

They live in Nashville and met at a Christian University in Texas where they were studying to be pastors!

Now her husband had given her an ultimatum. They had to do something about their sex life or he wanted an open marriage!

They have 3 children, one of which has special needs, and the man has since left the clergy and gone into sales.

She was worried about the future of their 20 year marriage and their family so they scoured the internet for help and found me!

The woman, who was still Christian, recalled reading a book on the Christian purity movement and had concluded she was shut down sexually as a result of growing up in that movement. She believed if a woman has any sexual experience she is taught to think of herself as “used trash”.

She had always been a good Christian and wife and had never been with anyone except her husband. However, the conditioning of the purity movement along with the stress of having 3 children, one of which has down syndrome, had taken its toll on her sex drive and marriage.

He didn’t want to see a therapist but what I offer is much more fun than typical talk therapy and so he agreed to meet after the 3 of us spoke at length over zoom. She was sure they had found the help they needed and they made arrangements for child care for Friday and Saturday evenings and reserved a nice hotel suite in downtown Asheville. This was something worth splurging on.

We all met at Posana on Friday evening and they shared about their histories and hopes for the weekend and the future. I assured her that practicing spiritual sexuality and becoming a sensually awakened goddess was going to come easily to her despite the sexual shame, guilt and blocks she wanted to move through. After all it is her true nature. 

I also shared with them my own history, growing up in a repressive religious environment and how my journey with tantra had been so crucial to my own healing and awakening, how I started teaching tantra through my background in tantra yoga, how I then had then gone on to study body based therapy and received my graduate degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. 

She was just starting a yoga teacher training she was very excited about and we both agreed it was the perfect time for her to study with me, although they both lamented that they wished they had found this path sooner. I shared that I consider myself a Christian Mystic and am a practicing Christian as well as a practicing Buddhist and Tantric. I said I’ve heard pastors say God is much bigger than any of us realize, which seemed to comfort them on their own journey of exploration.

That evening and the next day I did a lot of coaching with them, guiding them in rituals and practices for awakening the senses, sensual meditation, working with their own and their partners sexual energy and following the thread of pleasure to rewire their nervous systems to let go of old stuck negative energy and trauma and open up to more embodied ecstasy and joy.

It was playful and fun and they were able to meet the edges of their comfort zones in a safe and conscious way. I taught him practices for full body sensual and ecstatic healing yoni massage for her and visa versa.

She was able to experience full body orgasm and multiple orgasms for the first time in her life! Afterwards she cried and said that she wanted this for her children! She was so grateful she was finally able to release the shame and guilt and not pass it on to her children!

Saturday evening, as we ended the retreat, she said that she had felt comfortable with me the whole time and that there had been just the right amount of challenge. He thanked me profusely and said he had never seen his wife enjoy herself so much!

I gave them assignments to continue their journey becoming a liberated multi-orgasmic couple. I just checked in with them today and it sounds like he has decided there is so much for him to learn about his wife’s pleasure and so much to explore in their journey together than he doesn’t need to see anyone else and he cancelled the appointment he had previously booked with an escort. 

True Story | Amber St. Germain | Sacred Eros Website Article
True Story | Amber St. Germain | Sacred Eros Website Article

Here is what they say:

“We’ve been doing really great! He has been practicing his new techniques on me with the short time we have after the kids are in bed and it’s been wonderful! We are planning another extended session for me tomorrow and for him on Saturday evening. I’m working on practicing the Come To Your Senses Practice and guiding him through full body relaxation with visualization and touch…

Just yesterday I told him that I didn’t know I could feel this good! I’m so grateful for the time with you and the lessons we have taken home!”

I’m happy their true love story ended well.

I love working with both men and women and I know that I’m especially gifted in helping women shake off thousands of years of sexual repression and find their authentic sensual self and their birth right of pleasure, ecstasy and being an embodied sensual goddess, so they can have the best sex and the relationship and love of their lives! Blessed Be Dear Ones!

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