Welcome to Sacred Eros

Who we are, what we do and why we do it.

Who we are

Welcome to Sacred Eros. We are a platform connecting you to a wide array of sexuality and intimacy professionals. 

We are erotic educators, tantra teachers, embodiment gurus, sexual healers, love coaches, sacred sexuality guides, sensual artists, sexological body workers and sacred intimates.

Some of us started as health professionals, counsellors or massage therapists and expanded the sexual element of our work. Some came from other disciplines and chose this work after years of personal exploration and self-actualization. Our practices vary but what we have in common is our confidence in the power of experience.

What we do

Our practitioners offer sensual experiences to help singles, couples and others to love more deeply and have a fuller and richer erotic life. 

We guide you in erotic explorations that develop your skills, enrich your life and expand your consciousness. Sometimes that may be a rejuvenating oasis of pleasure; other times lessons and coaching may be in order.

We each bring unique training and experience, and tailor our skills to your needs. Some offerings you are likely to find are:

  • sensual massage, or sensual touch
  • tantric instruction or exploration
  • hands-on coaching for erotic awareness and skills
  • counselling and verbal coaching
  • erotic trance bodywork
  • breath work
  • rituals
  • meditation
  • fantasy and role play
  • hands-on coaching for specific sexual function needs like erectile dysfunction or orgasmic challenges
  • classes, workshops and group experiences
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Why we do it

In our Western culture we are stuck between a rock and a hard place, the rock is what remains of religious beliefs and the hard place is modern pop culture. 

Our Western civilization is shaped by traditional religious beliefs, and what do they say about our bodies? They are shameful, they are sinful and sex is a taboo. We are born sinners even before we can understand what it means. The way to become more spiritual is through pain, suffering and denial. What happens to intimacy and sexuality in these conditions? They are repressed, limited, guarded and hidden. We at Sacred Eros want to change that. 

Our ‘enlightened’ pop culture doesn’t help either, sex is everywhere, it sells a lot of products, It’s loud and in in your face. Unfortunately, very few of us have access to sex positive environment and, for many, the main source of sex education is porn. There is no room outside of the strictly defined social norms for sexuality and we are all suffering. 

Here at Sacred Eros we give you room to breathe, we give you the tools and the opportunities to learn who you are, that your body is beautiful, that pleasure can be healing and that you are the creator of your sexual and intimate life. We show you how to give up your limiting and toxic beliefs about sexuality and how to create new, nourishing ones. 

Many of us gain inspiration from concepts and practices that originate in Eastern cultures, especially the ones that see our bodies and sexual energies as something to celebrate, enjoy and even use for our growth as people. 

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