When we hear the word erotic we often think, “Oh my God, hot and endless passion and hard-action genital aerobics.  Erotic, like the word sex, has been narrowly defined in culture to mean plumbing and pumping of body parts. I use the term in a much larger context.

I define erotic as being truthful, vulnerable and compassionate about one’s sexual/sensual arousal, desires, fears, and pleasure in each moment.”  Erotic is ‘revealing’ what is going on in us instead of ‘concealing.’  Erotic is feeling safe to be who we are.  Erotic is not being judged.  Erotic is being spontaneous instead of having an agenda.  Erotic is being able to say ‘yes or no’ with ease to our partner, 100% of the time with a 100% full heart.  It’s a tall order, but worthy of practice…and mistakes, and more practice!

Besides raucous and robust (which is wonderful), can we also imagine Erotic touch that is quiet, soothing, relaxing, and healing.  Erotic happens when we feel safe; when we feel secure in our ability to express what is going on with us moment by moment.  I’ve felt Erotic while breathing with a partner, eye gazing, sharing stillness, in a sigh, a cosmic “aha,” a hug, a moment of deep surrender or gratitude.  Erotic is realizing you are more than your story, more than past events, more than anything you can imagine.

Welcome to 7 Erotic Nights—a course in Pleasure for Partners where there is no right way to do it, and you’re responsible for your own experience, not your partners. (7eroticnights.comWhere you learn your own body so you’re not too dependent on a partner’s response to get off.  Where Erotic can be relaxing, healing, soothing, quiet and still, as well as rocking, raucous and noisy.  Erotic is being empowered to express and act on your choices with the consent of your partner(s).

Teacher’s confession:  Even as a sex teacher I’m not there 100% of the time; I’m still working on it.  But I love to practice and you will get to practice in 7 Erotic Nights, and I’ll support you along your path in these next 7 weeks!