Yoni Massage


So squishy, tender

Like a library, filled with…

Stories, memories

Remembrances of lifetimes

The energy held in these walls

Some pleasurable 

Some painful


Hands touch the insides of these walls

Hands with experience, intuition, knowledge

Hands here solely to fulfill the purpose of healing

Healing you with every soft touch and gentle press

Gently pressing to remember and release

Times you might not have even experienced yourself

Grandmother’s miscarriage

Mother’s rape

(Deep breath)


This pleasure, this pain

Held in reverence

Held in support

Held in gentle arousal


The hands that touch

Touch a sacred portal

The hands listen

The hands give intuitively

The hands bridge between pain and pleasure

The hands help support the release


If you’re receiving a yoni massage – choose someone who you can feel their whole spirit and unconditional love. To receive without having to give is one of the most powerful gifts we can experience in this lifetime. 


If you’re giving a yoni massage – hold that sacred portal with the utmost reverence. You’re there for the yoni to receive, nothing else. Do your own inner work so you come into the space with your fullest intuition. The yoni can only open to the capacity of your openness. 


Blessings, Kiki Connects

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