The Mysterious Clitoris Uncovered

and Tips on Stimulation
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The Mysterious Clitoris Uncovered – Goddesses, would you like to learn more about your Sacred Yoni, and how to bring greater pleasure to your Sacred Body?

Shivas, would you like to become empowered with knowledge and experience that will help you gift your Goddess with unforgettable, full body pleasure?

 ❤️In light of International Women’s Day this month of March, I would like to gift you all with some guidance that will help enlighten your lives and shared intimacies with richer, deeper, transcendent pleasure. This knowledge will deepen the rest of your life experience and set you on a path filled with curiosity and excitement when approaching receiving and giving sacred Yoni Pleasure.  ~ love Dakini Oceana

Giving pleasure to yourself and another is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give.

Much of Tantra focuses on G Spot Stimulation, and this is very important for healing and awakening subtle energies in the body. The Clitoris is often considered an area for stimulation but not for healing. To me, all pleasure is healing and learning to understand our body anatomy and how best to stimulate pleasure in these areas is a gift and aspect to the sacred pleasure practices, and  Tantra helps us learn the importance of celebrating sensuality, and finding spiritual transcendence through heightened pleasure practices. This is why I have chosen to focus on uncovering the mysteries of the sacred Clitoris in this article. Enjoy 💕

The Mysterious Clitoris Uncovered | Dakini Oceana
The Mysterious Clitoris Uncovered | Dakini Oceana
Parts of the Sacred Clitoris

Each woman’s clitoris is a different size, but all are located in the same place and each have the same parts. As you explore the full anatomy of the entire clitoral complex you will learn to stimulate both the external and the internal clitoral parts.

The Vulva

Labia Majora: Outside labia lips, often two rounded mounds that cover and protect  the Yoni

Labia Minora: Inside  labia lips, two smaller folds of flesh tucked inside the outer lips and protect the Clitoris, Urethral Opening and outer Vagina

External Clitoris

Head of the Clitoris:  located at the top of the inside Labia  lips, where the inside labia lips meet in a V

Clitoral foreskin or hood: a layer of skin that can be pulled back, and covers both the head of the clitoris and the Clitoral shaft 

Clitoral Shaft: extends down to the underside of the inner labia lips.

Pearls of the Clitoris

When you pull the hood of the Clitoris and reveal the head, you will find little glands  pop from beneath the hood. These glands are often called the Pearls of the Clitoris because when you pull back the hood, they pop out like little shiny orbs or pearls. Very pretty,  and often called the happy nerves, because it is where the most nerve endings organize themselves in the whole clitoral structure.

The Internal Clitoris

There  are also Internal parts to the beautiful sacred fruit, that also  give pleasure. They are hidden internally, inside of the shaft of the Clitoris.

Legs and Bulbs of the Clitoris

Clitoral legs and bulbs are part of the inner clitoris.The legs can extend several inches back and can double in size as the clitoris gets stimulated and thus engorged with blood. The bulbs or vestibules of the clitoris are beneath the labia and also swell with excitement to create a tight sensation around the outer third of the Vagina

Sebum Glands

Sebum Glands are hidden in the clitoral hood. Sebum glands produce a lubricant called sebum. This helps your hood move smoothly over the glands and shaft of the Clitoris.

An Excited Clitoris Stiffens

Clitoral erections are possible and very real. As the Clitoral  shaft becomes excitatory and aroused she will become engorged with blood, and can stiffen. This is the Goddess Yoni communicating  that she is feeling much pleasure, and to continue with your touch.

The Mysterious Clitoris Uncovered | Dakini Oceana
The Mysterious Clitoris Uncovered | Dakini Oceana
Tips on Stimulating the Clitoris

Creating Communication

You can learn how you like to be touched and how your partner likes to be touched by exploring different kinds of touch together. The Goddess Yoni  may like different things different days depending on her sensitivity level and mood, so touch and listen to her with sensitivity.

It is important to create a space  together where she feels comfortable asking for what she wants during your stimulation and pleasure  gifting. Engaging with full presence, enthusiasm and curiosity and spontaneity is major part of the exciting, bonding  co creation of unforgettable erotic moments.

*Warm, organic, natural oil is a lovely addition to all of these practices.

*If you have trouble at first finding the head and pearls of the Clitoris, it may be hiding deep underneath the hood, it sometimes retracts during arousal because it becomes highly sensitive to touch.

Try rubbing the Clitoris by putting your fingers over the hood.. Then try rubbing her directly by using one hand to pull the hood back, expose her pearls, and rubbing that special spot..  Experiment with different amounts of pressure and strokes to see what brings her a beautiful tingle and some natural secretion from her glands.

Many women find that pulling upward on the lower part of their pelvic bone or pubic mound allows exposure and then stroking the Clitoral shaft, legs and bulbs through the foreskin or hood. The underside of the shaft, closest to the body,  often gifts beautiful sensation as it stimulated the legs and bulbs.This may bring engorgement and secretion at the head.

Try taking the entire hood of her Clitoris between your index and middle finger. Like grabbing a little tootsie roll or raspberry. Slide your fingers up and down the whole Clitoral hood,  to gift some major enjoyment to the internal and external Clitoris.

Try rubbing the internal clitoris through the Labia. Press your palm against the  vulva and fold your fingers over the pubic mound. Here, you can rub and grind with your palm and this will stimulate the internal clitoris through the warmth and pulse of inner and outer Labia.

The Mysterious Clitoris Uncovered | Dakini Oceana
The Mysterious Clitoris Uncovered | Dakini Oceana

Many women find that squeezing and crossing her thighs around an object while rubbing against her clitoris can arouse orgasmic This can be done with a toy, hands, Lingham  (penis), or a partners face. It is also why often women find that squeezing a partners body and grinding against them during lovemaking feels so good.

Listen, Watch, and Feel Yoni Response, also Ask Your Beloved

Does she want you to back off of her Clitoral head and focus on rubbing the internal clitoris through her Labia?

Does she desire more pressure around the foreskin / hood?

Your Beloved may not be able to describe one ideal technique but you can likely be guided as she takes you by the hand shows you how and where.

❤️Again, be  open, calm, curious to and aroused by learning  while she is showing you. You weren’t born knowing all about your own body or  her body, and people have different needs and desires throughout lovemaking. Remain open to honoring the sacred  body receiving and giving all guidance with love.

Clitoral Alignment with Lingham– Penetrative or Non Penetrative

Of course for man and woman or woman and woman partnership with a toy, here I say, he and she for simple clarification of each part.


Woman lays on her back and the man lays on top of her, face down. His Lingham is either pressing against her pelvic mound on the outside or inside of her Yoni. He can rest his arms/ hands above her head. Sliding his body upward and downward  along hers. If he is outside of her, the base and shaft of his Lingham.

Creating pressure along her external and internal Clitoral mound; inside of her the base of his lingham and pelvic bone press firmly against her clitoral head and pelvic bone.

She can wrap her feet around his calves. Play together with synchronized breathing, rocking and rubbing movements as opposed to in and out thrusting

Reverse Cowgirl

He lies on his back with legs bent and feet on mattress or floor. She mounts him facing toward his feet. She leans against his upper thighs and grinds against him to stimulate her clitoral shaft and head. This can be done without penetration, she glides along the shaft of his Lingham with her yoni for complete stimulation or build up before penetration.

Tips on Giving 

Do you want to help your Beloved relax and melt into lovemaking together, while learning more about her body and desires?

Setting the Vibe by Showing Love and Slowing Down

Light candles and find some sensual scented oils, feathers, fabrics.

Give her a bath, cook for her, rub her feet, or show her your love in some other creative way.

Lay her down and make her as comfortable as possible.

Throughout the celebration, keep as much eye contact with her as possible, try to feel her from the inside, opening all of your to receptivity, listening to communications that aren’t necessarily in words. Remain attuned to  deep breaths as you are giving, and remind her gently to breathe as well. Continuously praise her, adore her, find new curves, warm spots on her body and tell her what you feel. This celebration of her will encourages your Beloved to feel beautiful and will help her let go, receive, and revel in this special time dedicated just to her and her pleasure. Do everything as slowly—then even more slowly—as humanly possible. There is no goal here… you may be aroused but keep the focus on slowly exploring and delighting her.

Slow down and touch her in many different ways before engaging in penetration or letting her just please you.

Kisses to you all for a beautiful Celebration of International Women’s Day and the Empowering Gift of Giving Pleasure to you and your Goddess. xo~ Dakini Oceana

❤️receiving and giving all guidance with love

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Written by Dakini Oceana