Prostate Play 101

by Kiki Connects


This article is for penis owners who are curious about experiencing the benefits to prostate play.

First of all, you aren’t late or early to the party if this is your first time. I get it, the anus can be a little intimidating. 

You’re right on time my friend, right on time. 

Why prostate play and where is it?

Because the prostate, also known as the male “g spot”, is a pleasure center. It’s located about 2 inches from the opening of the anus, the size and shape of a walnut. A bunch of nerve endings reside in this area. Nerve endings feel sensations more intensely. Intense sensation can lead to deeper feelings of pleasure. Don’t you want deeper feelings of pleasure?!?

If going inside the anus is too much for you right now, you can play with the area in between the anus and scrotum, the perineum. This is a highly sensitive area and really fun to play with too!

Communicate what you desire.

If you’re doing this as a self-pleasure practice, this is a great way to discover what feels good for you. Take notes about what feels good and what doesn’t. Then, once you’re with a partner (or multiple partners) you’ll be able to communicate what you do and don’t like. If you’re with a partner, check in with them and have a conversation about prostate play before you get all hot and turned on. Discuss boundaries and get clear with where you and your partner are at with this. While you’re in the experience, keep communicating what you desire. What feels good? What’s turning you on? What do you want more or less of?

Maybe you don’t want to use words during sexy time, what noises can you make that let your partner know you’re turned on?

How to prepare.

Some people like to clean themselves beforehand by taking a shower and/or doing an enema. This is really about you feeling the most comfortable you can. Even if you cleaned yourself beforehand there might be a little mess afterwards. Clean up your toys, wash your body, and move on. Everybody poops. It’s okay. 

If you’re with a partner, wearing gloves for the giver is always an option. 

What does your space look like? Would it be easier to relax into the experience if you lit some candles and put on your favorite sexy time playlist?

Make yourself comfortable. 

Take your time.

Take your time. The anus will literally open up and invite you in when it’s ready.

Think about it. Rather than shoving a finger/toy/cock in there when it’s not fully lubed up, your body winces in the process… ugh.

Instead, you feel fingers softly caress the area, tickling that space. You arch your back and push up into those fingers. You want more, crave more, yearn for more…

… your ass starts to beg for it and you feel it glide right in. 

No pressure, just allow it.

Prostate Play 101 | Kiki Connects | Sacred Eros Website Article
Prostate Play 101 | Kiki Connects | Sacred Eros Website Article

Also, lube is your best friend.

Again, go slowly, this is not a race.

Can’t find your prostate? Go slowwwwwwwwer. Going slower can help you notice new sensations you might not have noticed before. The opportunity to explore and feel these new sensations can ultimately bring you into a deeper pleasure portal.

Breathing through your anus can also help deepen the experience. Deep breaths allow your body to relax and be more open to pleasurable sensations. You’ll quite literally be able to feel your anus puckering in and out as you breathe in and out.

You can play with the prostate on its own or also play with the balls and/or penis. Invite them all to the party if it turns you on.

(Deep breath)

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Some like to have one finger and just press the prostate, others like a gentle flick “come hither” motion directly on the prostate. Some desire circular motions around the prostate, while others want to be penetrated hard by a big cock inside of them…

… different strokes, different folks.

Look at this whole experience as a way to explore your turn on. And most of all… have fun with this! Be okay with getting it outrageously wrong! Most of us haven’t been taught how to have sex in a healthy way in our childhoods, we’re all here learning as we go.

And if you try it out and prostate play is absolutely not for you, that’s okay too! 

Now you know. 

Love Always, Kiki Connects


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