Why work with a Sacred Intimate?

We all encounter at one point blocks that holds us back from living our full potential. For some the way they were raised taught them to have shame about their bodies or sex, for some a sexual violation brought distrust, pain or feeling  not safe in the world, for some intimacy is hard and vulnerability is not an option.

Some of the benefits of Sacred Intimate work are

  • Sensual massage
  • Learning and exploring your body
  • Tantra
  • Deeper intimacy with your partner or loved ones
  • Claiming your power in the world
  • Healing of sexual trauma
  • Reclaiming control over your body and desire
  • Power and Surrender dynamics
  • Clarify and communicate your boundaries
  • Embrace your desire without judgment
  • Better Communication Skills
  • Embracing the fullness of your sexuality
  • Learning to give and receive touch
sensual touch massage
Sacred Intimates sometimes offer sensual touch.

Sacred Intimate sessions will guide you there. All of it is available if we take a risk and dive in on self exploration.

I believe in living life fully.

When I say fully I mean living with an open heart, a receptive body and a focused alert mind. All of this supports  an expanded soul. Most of us are lucky if we are able to be aware of two of these parts – heart, body, mind and soul – at any given moment.

Once we are fully alive in our bodies and charged with erotic passion, all our activities become more satisfying and divine.

Ecstasy is our birthright.

I believe that most of the information we need for our own personal growth is available in our bodies.

We are all born with our senses fully activated and as we grow older and life starts to happen we consciously or unconsciously start “gating” or restricting the amount of sensation we receive, until we forget how much we can actually engage with.

To have access to our body wisdom is essential, if we could think our way through life we would be set and yet most of us feel stuck and wonder how it can be different.

In order to think different we actually have to think and act differently. We have to shift our focus from our wounds. This doesn’t mean we forget or ignore what has happened, we simply don’t allow the past to run our lives anymore.

The Healing Power of Pleasure
sensual touch
The healing power of pleasure

The point is to move the focus of our lives  from “pain avoidance” to   “deeper pleasure seeking” consciously. The Healing Power of Pleasure a concept introduced to me by Rudy Ballentine in his lineage of Tantra has changed my life.

Bringing pleasure to our inner wounded parts enables our healing.

During my personal journey I have learned from SI sessions the power of surrendering and the very nature and difference between giving and receiving and how they merge. I learned how to be present with an other and myself. I have regained a relationship with my inner child and the ability to be mesmerized by the world over and over.

When I am in session I bring ALL of who I am.

“Pleasure remind us that there is goodness in the World and that we are held.”