Sexual Transmutation (Master Your Wand of Light, Part 2)

(Part 1: Mastering Your Wand of Light)

We left off from discussing the power of orgasmic energy, cultivating and storing sexual energy by relaxing in the bliss of aroused states. Without the rush to climax, he can experience a deeper and more expanding field of arousal, much like a woman can. Especially when her partner is familiar with what I call the O-Zone.

This is when a man is relaxed and aroused at the same time. This requires practice and guidance until the Zone becomes your hOMe! A man can be in so much bliss and feelings of love, joy and free to dive deep and connect — taking his woman to climax in deep vaginal orgasms! The deepest zone inside her love tunnel can be powerfully orgasmic, if she is open and receptive. I call this area deep inside the OMG-Zone! Because that’s a place where the most profound and deep pleasure comes from. The zone that makes woman scream O-MY-GAWD! It’s been the experience of many woman I have spoken to about this, myself included.

But the caveat is that it takes women longer to open and she blossoms best with clitoral, vulva and G-Zone engorgement to achieve this depth of pleasure!! But if she’s not ready, deep plunging thrusts can be either painful or numbing. (Ladies please chime in on this topic, in the comments section!)

Don’t rush!
tantra couples
Don’t rush!

Follow her lead in response to your touch. Don’t rush, allow her to open and guide you. Ask questions if you are unsure and encourage her communications. Pace yourself and pause… look in her eyes often, tell her what you love about her. Be honest and open to learn and explore together!

In the afterglow of a long, deep love dance, men can feel satiated even when they don’t ejaculate at all. Men often report that they feel a glow in their genitals and a mildly aroused tingle in their balls that feels good and empowering long after!

This is the opposite of “blue balls”! A term that describes a common occurance when a man does not achieve whole body expanded arousal yet holds his seed, it can often lead to a heavy feeling which can cause discomfort and frustration. This is not that, but rather a powerful and effective way to connect more deeply with your partner in profound pleasure, while savoring every sensation.

The Power of Sexual Transmutation

An advanced level of sexual empowerment is a practice sometimes referred to as ‘sexual transmutation’ where you learn to gather this pulsing pleasure energy that has the power to create life and redirect it to charge up whatever you choose to focus on!

In this creative aroused state men and women are highly receptive and most impressionable. So whatever you think about while aroused, at climax and in the afterglow, becomes deeply imprinted in your subconscious mind.

tantraThink positive thoughts and focus your mind on what you want to manifest or attract into your life, while you are actually aroused!

Then you can transmute this energy as Napoleon Hill’s referenced in chapter 11 of his best-seller, “Think and Grow Rich” In the chapter he entitled, The Mystery of Sex Transmutation.

Fortunate, indeed, is the person who has discovered how to give sex emotion an outlet through some form of creative effort, for he has, by that discovery, lifted himself to the status of a genius.
When driven by this desire, men develop keenness of imagination, courage, will-power, persistence, and creative ability unknown to them at other times. So strong and impelling is the desire for sexual contact that men freely run the risk of life and reputation to indulge it.

When harnessed, and redirected along other lines, this motivating force maintains all of its attributes of keenness of imagination, courage, etc., which may be used as powerful creative forces in literature, art, or in any other profession or calling, including, of course, the accumulation of riches.

Sex desire is the most powerful of human desires”. Napoleon Hill of Think & Grow Rich The Mystery of Sex Transmutation

Tantric Orgasm

Applying the rules of Sexual Transmutation, you charge up your entire body in the aroused state which continues in peaks and valleys. Tingling every cell, nourished by your elixir of life. You can learn to cultivate this vibrant energy and direct it to areas of your body that are lacking in vitality for self-healing and awakening pleasure. And then share this realm with your partner for deeper intimacy and emotional connection.

tantric orgasm

In a Tantric orgasm where you you are bathing in a pool of pleasure that leaves you feeling more vibrant and energized than when you began! This afterglow will have long-lasting effects on your day and journey through life. Especially your love-life. I call this Making Love Magic!

This has an additional benefit of satisfying the sexual appetite of his partner at the same time! When a man can last long enough to provide a woman deep powerful and even multiple orgasms, both are blessed in the bliss that helps keep them young and vital!

Spilling the seeds in the heat of passion quickly disperses its potential power. Men who release often and quickly are missing out on the benefits of sustained sexual arousal. The first thing men must do is learn to relax and breathe deeply while feeling aroused. At first this takes some practice because for most men your instinct will naturally kick in, quickening your urge to release. Your body is programmed to procreate as its primary sexual function. Skills we are discussing here come from an advanced system that use sexual energy as a way to tap into the source of creation in all its power and glory. As much pleasure as you [and your partner] can handle, which naturally increases over time as your experiences involve.

Those who practice with diligence until they fully realize this state can learn to ultimately access it with confidence and mastery. They and their partners become blessed in an orgasmic field of attraction and expanded conscious awareness!

tantraSexually enlightened men

These sexually enlightened men often say that the desire to release is replaced with a profound pleasure that’s more satisfying and long-lasting! Rather than fighting the urge to release, they become immersed in the magic of the moment. Then the satisfaction they feel from drawing orgasmic energy inward is so much more fulfilling and long-lasting, that they don’t ever want it to end. Nor do their partners! Men can last with ease for a long time with these tools.

The desire to ejaculate is replaced by an exhilaration of the entire body that is much greater! And it is more bonding for partners because it allows women to reach deep ecstatic states that are yet unawakened by most. It solves the rampant problem afflicting over 70% of women who struggle to orgasm easily through intercourse, to help them to discover new horizons. I call this process: The Whole Body Opening!

When a man can achieve this state, he is then truly able to rock a woman’s world and fill her with ecstasy from the inside out, through the magic of his wand!

I call this area deep inside the OMG-Zone! Becauuse that’s a place where the most profound and deep pleasure comes from.

I’m not implying that men should never ejaculate, but rather do it consciously only after he has fully pleased his partner, when possible! Or on special occasions like full moons, birthdays and other holy days when the potential for manifestation through Orgasmic Attraction is greatest.

When safe, Tantra honors sexual body fluids anointing and blessing one another in It’s vibrant essence!

If you are interested in this depth of experience, I can help and would be honored to arrange for a private consultation to discuss this with you privately.

And when the opportunity arises, we can also meet in person for private sessions one-on-one or with your partner.

Till then…

Love! MaMare’